Top 8 Afternoon Comedy Shows In Las Vegas

Potted Potter Show

Las Vegas has several hilarious comedy shows to experience in the daytime and nighttime hours. People love afternoon comedy shows in Las Vegas because they can take their families and children to see them without staying out too late. Since most afternoon comedy shows suit children and adults, you do not have to worry about age restrictions to attend them.

Top 8 Daytime Comedy Shows In Vegas

What kind of daytime comedy shows in Las Vegas would you like to see? Are you interested in comedy magic or standup comedy routines? Whatever style of comedy interests you the most, Las Vegas is the one city in the country that provides it daily.

We recommend asking your travel companions about which afternoon comedy shows in Vegas they would like to see as well. Based on your and their preferences, you should make your reservations for the appropriate afternoon comedy shows a few months in advance to secure the best ticket prices and seating.

1) Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic is the best comedy magic show in Vegas. It stars Nathan Burton, who made a name for himself from his numerous guest television appearances on shows like “America’s Got Talent,” “Coming Home,” “The World’s Wildest Magic,” “World’s Greatest Magic,” and many others.

Nathan Burton incorporates a comical and casual approach to his comedy magic routine. He does various magic tricks ranging from large and complex to close and personal. His daytime comedy shows in Vegas are worth checking out whether you are with adults or children.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic is suitable for audiences of all ages. The show is in the Nathan Burton Magic Show Theater at the Showcase Mall. Come check out the show the next time you visit Las Vegas because it is a great experience.

2) Menopause The Musical

Menopause The Musical Show

Menopause the Musical is a daytime comedy show with a hilarious take on middle-aged women and what they go through as they get older. The four main characters are middle-aged women who make fun of getting mood swings, hot flashes, weight gain, and memory loss. How many afternoon Las Vegas comedy shows are open about these topics? Not too many.

Older audiences can have a deeper appreciation for the meaning behind these jokes. It is one of the top Las Vegas shows for older adults due to the adult-oriented themes and humor associated with this 85-minute production. However, Menopause the Musical is still open to children and adults because the content is family-friendly and not obscene. So, you can still have a great time taking your kids to see the show with you.

3) Gregory Popovich’s Pet Theater

Gregory Popovich’s Show

Gregory Popovich’s Pet Theater is a great show for families to attend in the afternoons. Gregory Popovich is a master circus performer who loves to use animals in his comedy routines to make people laugh. Over 30 different animals act in human-like scenarios, including doves, dogs, and cats. These animals are well-trained and as talented as Gregory himself.

As a fifth-generation circus performer from Russia, Gregory Popovich has developed his talents and showcased them in multiple countries worldwide. He has even brought in his daughter, Anastasie, to assist with his circus acts. How many other daytime Las Vegas comedy shows have a father-and-daughter duo working with pets? This is the only one.

Gregory Popovich’s Pet Theater is among the few family-friendly shows in Las Vegas to feature circus animals and pets. The strong bond between Popovich and his animals will be evident within minutes of seeing them together on stage at the V Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood Resort.

4) Mac King’s Comedy Magic

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King has achieved a new record as the longest-running Las Vegas magician. That would explain why his afternoon Vegas comedy shows are often sold out within weeks before they begin. Mac King’s Comedy Magic offers a blend of humor, imagination, magic, and illusions to entertain audiences for 70 minutes straight.

Mac King demonstrates a variety of magic and comedy acts, including hand shadow puppets, rope tricks, celebrity impersonations, and more. His gold lamé cape creates more realism for his Liberace and Elvis impersonations, so look out for them. Famous Las Vegas comedians do not usually do magic acts in between their celebrity impersonations, but Mac King does. That is what makes him a unique and talented performer in Las Vegas.

5) Iluminate

iLuminate Show

Do you love LED lights? Some of the best shows in Las Vegas incorporate LED technology into their productions. Iluminate is an excellent example because it features a well-choreographed comedy dance routine with wireless LED light technology to make the dancers vanish and reappear in front of your eyes. But that is only the beginning.

The LED technology creates fascinating optical illusions to transform the stage into different designs throughout the 75-minute show. You’ll also see floating musical instruments, body isolations, and many more surprises throughout the performance. It is no wonder why Iluminate made it to the finals on the television show “America’s Got Talent.”

6) Potted Potter

Potted Potter Show

Harry Potter fans will want to see the Vegas afternoon shows of Potted Potter. It is a comedy tribute to the famous Harry Potter book series starring two Olivier Award-nominated actors, Jefferson Turner and Daniel Clarkson. The acting duo will reenact the main highlights from all seven Harry Potter books in one 70-minute production.

You will be amazed at how well they combine seven books into 70 minutes. To tell the stories, the duo uses hilarious costumes and props to bring the stories to life funnily and creatively. A fire-breathing dragon even makes an appearance in the show as well.

For Harry Potter enthusiasts seeking the best afternoon shows in Vegas, look no further than Potted Potter.

7) Murray The Magician

Murray The Magician

Murray the Magician is a highly recognizable comedy magician with his crazy, electric blond hair, thick glasses, and eccentric personality. He achieved his claim to fame on the hit reality television series “America’s Got Talent,” where he made it to the semifinals. He has also appeared on other television shows like “Reno 911,” “Celebracadabra,” “Tough Love,” and “Pawn Stars.”

Murray the Magician combines comedy and magic to entertain audiences for 60 minutes. His Daytime magic shows in Las Vegas feature a showgirl transformed into a 450-pound tiger, a Ferrari appearing in thin air, and other signature illusions of his you won’t want to miss.

8) Adam London Laughternoon

Adam London Laughternoon Show

How would you like to see funny afternoon Vegas shows under $50? Adam London Laughternoon stars the hilarious comedy magician Adam London in The Venue of the Orleans Hotel. He showcases his skillful sleight-of-hand card talents and other magic tricks while incorporating comedy into them for additional entertainment value.

Adam London recently appeared on the Fox television series “Raising Hope.” His background includes college musical theater and working in comedy clubs and magic venues, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Some of the best Las Vegas shows can be seen in the afternoon. Not only do daytime Vegas comedy shows offer the same quality entertainment as nighttime shows, but they are also more convenient for people’s travel schedules.

Anyone traveling with kids or who does not like staying up too late can find plenty of good shows in the daytime in Las Vegas.

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