8 Best Acrobatic Shows In Las Vegas [Updated For 2024]

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Show

Las Vegas acrobatic shows offer more thrills and excitement than any other show in Las Vegas. Acrobats are incredibly athletic performers who undergo vigorous gymnastic training in order to perform death-defying stunts. Audiences love acrobatic shows in Las Vegas because the stunts are scary, thrilling, and impressive all around. You won’t see stunts like these anywhere else.

Each show offers something unique besides impressive acrobatic performances. Many of the acrobatic shows in Vegas offer a healthy blend of comedy, magic, music, singing, and nostalgia. You’ll never know what to expect from the performances until you experience them for yourself.

The Top 8 Acrobatic Shows In Vegas

Acrobats may be the hardest-working performers in Las Vegas. Not only do they have to maintain a peak physical condition, but they also have to risk their lives in front of a live audience. When you buy tickets to see Las Vegas acrobatic shows, you’re showing your support for these acrobats and all the hard work they do every day. So, if you have the financial means to do so, try to see as many of these acrobatic shows as you can afford. Below are the 8 best acrobatic shows in Las Vegas.

1) WOW – The Vegas Spectacular

WOW The Vegas Spectacular Show

WOW – The Vegas Spectacular will have you going “wow” for the entire length of the show because it is more than an acrobatic show. Many people consider it the best water show in Vegas because it integrates fantasy, water, and magic into one production. Over two and a half million people around the world have seen WOW, and it has received nothing but praise from audiences and critics alike.

WOW is held in the Rio Showroom of the Rio Las Vegas Hotel. The showroom is a 180-degree theater with outstanding water stages, 3D multimedia projections, and some of the most talented acrobats you will ever see. You’ll see over 30 performers who’ll do everything from dancing to flipping and flying around in the air. All of them perform their hearts out to entertain and delight their audiences. In addition, you’ll be treated to some electrifying music and spectacular special effects, including holograms and water walls.

Some WOW performers made names for themselves on the popular reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” So naturally, they’ve already proven to have incredible talent in their acrobatic skills and choreographic movements. And there is undoubtedly no better place for them to demonstrate these skills than to live audiences in Las Vegas.

The minimum age requirement for admittance is 4 years old or older. Audience members get to witness the stunts and performances right near the stage. You won’t have any trouble seeing every flawless movement in the air and water for the entire 90-minute production.

2) Michael Jackson ONE

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Show

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop. He may no longer be with us in a physical form, but his spirit lives on through the various acrobatic shows in Vegas devoted to him. One of these shows is called Michael Jackson ONE. It features a flawless impression of Michael Jackson, along with some creative artistry, acrobatics, music, pyrotechnics, holographic technology, and other surprises.

Cirque du Soleil is the legendary Vegas group that performs Michael Jackson ONE. In case you aren’t familiar with the group or their work, Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas are some of the most popular shows the city produces. Their artists have a unique way of combining acrobatics with technological effects and surreal imagery to create a perfect and original show for audiences.

Michael Jackson may be the center of attention at the Michael Jackson ONE show, but there are approximately 63 performers who make Jackson’s songs and music come to life again. The combination of the dancer numbers and high-flying acrobatics puts a whole new spin on Michael Jackson and his music. If the King of Pop were still alive, he’d be thrilled to know that talented performers are honoring his legacy in such a powerful way.

Michael Jackson ONE can be seen at the Mandalay Bay Theatre of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. The show lasts for 90 minutes and is available to audience members at least five years of age or older. Fans and nonfans of Michael Jackson will both have a good time at Michael Jackson ONE. It offers something for everybody.

3) O by Cirque du Soleil

O by Cirque du Soleil Show

The O Theatre at the Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel can best be described as a European opera theatre. It is the perfect setting for the O by Cirque du Soleil because it consists of a gigantic pool with 1.5 million gallons of water. Throughout the 105-minute acrobatic show, you’ll see all sorts of fascinating marine characters swimming and diving in the water. But the hearts of the show are the gymnasts and acrobats who defy gravity with their out-of-this-world stuntwork. You’ll feel like you’re in a surrealistic world with aquatic adventure and romance all around you.

Cirque du Soleil does not hold back in their aquatic and acrobatic shows in Las Vegas. O treats audiences to a plethora of visual performances and effects, including a pyromaniac with flame combustion abilities. The performers come from different parts of the world, and each brings their unique talents to the show.

The watery illusions are the true highlight of O. All the gymnasts, acrobats, synchronized swimmers, and divers do an excellent job of bringing an aquatic fantasy world to life for the audiences to see up close. You’ll be positioned close to the splash zone around the stage but not close enough to where you would actually get splashed. So, don’t worry about bringing an extra towel or anything because you won’t get wet.

You have the option to purchase standard or VIP tickets. If you buy VIP tickets, you can meet with the performers and learn more about how they did their mystifying underwater stunts. You’ll find out how the performers disappear as they submerge themselves in front of a live audience.

The minimum age requirement is five years old or older. You won’t be allowed to use smartphones or cameras during the show.

4) Mystère

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil Show

Cirque du Soleil productions are known for their gymnastics, circus acts, and acrobatics. Mystère incorporates all three of these elements into one 90-minute show. Since 1993, Mystère has captivated audiences with its trapeze creativity, trampoline performances, fast-paced acrobatics, and good-hearted comedy and humor.

There is so much to see every second of the show. But, first, let’s start with the impressive athleticism of the performers. When you see them do quadruple flips into the air off teeterboards or climb up muscle poles as if they were tree frogs, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off them. This is because they have such weightless and flexible bodies that allow them to do unimaginable things. You have to see it for yourself to understand how captivating it is to audiences.

Mystère is one of the best family shows in Las Vegas. There are no age restrictions for admittance, so feel free to bring your kids and anyone else in your family who enjoys comedy and acrobatics. The show takes place in the Mystère Theatre at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas.

Would you be interested in meeting any of the performers in person? Cirque du Soleil loves to offer VIP experiences to audience members who purchase VIP seats for their shows. If you have VIP tickets to see Mystère, you’ll get the opportunity to meet with the performers and get a professional photograph taken with them. VIP tickets also give you the closest seats to the stage in the entire theatre.

5) Ka

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil Show

Most people think of acrobat shows in Vegas when thinking about the typical Cirque du Soleil production. However, Cirque du Soleil creates unique productions suitable for every mood and personality. For instance, if you love adventure and action in the shows you watch, you’ll want to see Cirque du Soleil’s “Ka” show at the Ka Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel. It features a modern twist on the classic good vs. evil storyline, where a protagonist must conquer evil forces working against him.

The Ka Theatre is designed to accommodate the theme and action sequences associated with the Ka show. One of the most notable features is the two large moving platforms which float and rotate into a vertical position. The suspended fight scenes are truly epic to watch because they’ll leave you wondering how they did these realistic-looking stunts. The action sequences will leave you mesmerized throughout the entire 90-minute show.

The highlight of the show is the Wheel of Death. A daredevil performer gets flung high up into the air, where one wrong move could send him down to his death. Cirque du Soleil has undoubtedly mastered the art of death-defying stunts in Las Vegas. You’ll see that for yourself throughout the production.

Ka is available at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. The minimum age requirement is three years or older, making it a family-friendly show to attend.

6) The Beatles LOVE

The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil Show

The Beatles LOVE is considered by many people to be one of the best acrobatic shows in Vegas for several reasons. One reason is that Beatles LOVE is both an acrobatics and tribute show combined into one 90-minute production. Another reason is that the famous Cirque du Soleil production company is responsible for creating the show. Everyone knows Cirque du Soleil produces the best acrobatics shows in the city, and The Beatles LOVE is no exception.

The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil features action-packed performances, death-defying stunts, and lucid visual effects resembling the psychedelic 1960s era. You’ll witness everything from groovy lava lamps to a rock ‘n roll storytelling of the famous British band, The Beatles. The story takes audiences on a musical journey through the rise and fall of the Beatles, including the Vietnam War era.

The LOVE Theater of the Mirage Hotel is the perfect setting for The Beatles LOVE show. It is a round theater with surround sound speakers, era-themed buildings, a Volkswagen Beatle, courtyards, and various props and sets to make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time. If you were not around to experience the Beatles band when they performed live back in the 1960s, now is your chance to experience the era like never before.

The Beatles LOVE performs at 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The minimum age of attendance is five years or older. VIP tickets are available if you’d like to attend the narrated backstage tour before the start of the show.

7) Mad Apple

Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil Show

Mad Apple is Cirque du Soleil’s newest acrobatic show in Las Vegas. It is a show devoted to the wild and exciting nightlife of New York City. If you enjoy death-defying acrobatics, dancing, music, magic, and comedy merged with a New York City theme, then you will love Mad Apple. It is a glorious celebration of the city that never sleeps.

Where else can you see circus performers, magicians, comedians, dancers, and musicians performing fantastic acts in celebration of New York City without actually being in New York City? Mad Apple is a continuous thrill ride for nearly 80 minutes at the New York – New York Theater of the New York – New York Hotel. It is the perfect setting for a tribute show about New York City.

Comedian Brad Williams serves as the host of the show. But the main highlight is a courageous female acrobat who flings herself through midair by her very own hair. Meanwhile, the Lady Gaga hit song “Born This Way” blasts in the background on the surround stereo system for everyone in the theater to hear. The acrobat moves gracefully through the air at high speeds as dancers and singers perform on the ground below.

The current showtimes are 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. The minimum age requirement for attendance is 16 years or older.

8) Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group Show

The Blue Man Group probably needs no introduction because they have been in the national spotlight for a few decades now. If you want to see talented percussionists, captivating music, spectacular lighting, and subtle humor without spoken words, then you’ll get all of that from the Blue Man Group. They know how to put on a humorous and entertaining show without being vulgar or obscene.

You can recognize the Blue Man Group anywhere. The cast consists of three blue-skinned brothers who use music and movement rather than voice to entertain their audiences in the theater. The illusions and comedy acts move quickly, so you have to pay attention to everything to avoid missing them. Overall, it will be an educational experience with unconventional humor and makeshift instruments that play the Blue Man Group’s signature tunes.

Blue Man Group performs in the Blue Man Theater of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. They bring so much energy, comedy, and excitement to their performances. Their audiences get taken on an interactive experience with percussion music, props, art, science, and theatrics to deliver 105 minutes of pure entertainment. No one is ever bored during a Blue Man Group show. It is one of the best in the city.

There are no age restrictions to see the Blue Man Group. However, audience members under 16 years old must have an adult accompanying them to the show. The adult has to be 18 years old or older.

What kind of acrobatic production shows in Las Vegas would interest you the most? Do you like to see dangerous stunts or stunts with a dose of magic and illusion added to the mix? Now that you’ve learned about the top 8 acrobatic shows in Las Vegas, you should have a good idea about which acrobatic shows that you will want to see the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions about Las Vegas acrobatic shows? If so, you might find answers to those questions below.

How much do acrobats in Vegas make?

Most people assume that Vegas acrobats are wealthy because they perform in the entertainment capital of the world. However, the average acrobatic performer of acrobatic shows in Vegas makes between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. Sometimes they work for between $100 to $200 per show, while others earn a fixed salary. But, of course, it all depends on the contract they have with their group and employer.

Acrobats in Vegas are not newbies. They must have extensive training and experience to get an acrobat job in a Vegas show. There are acrobatic training schools available for people interested in pursuing a career as an acrobat in Vegas. If you can learn the moves and get into the right physical shape, you could have a financially rewarding career as an acrobat in Vegas.

What are the best acrobatic shows in Las Vegas?

The best Las Vegas acrobatic shows will offer audiences something more than stunning acrobatic performances. They are also extravagant productions with dazzling lights, comedy, magic, dancing, and other surprises you may not expect. Some good examples of amazing acrobatic shows are Michael Jackson ONE, Wow – The Vegas Spectacular, Mystère, and Blue Man Group.

Which Cirque du Soleil show has the most acrobatics?

Every Cirque du Soleil show has at least some acrobatics in them. But if you want to see a plethora of death-defying acrobatic stunts in a Cirque du Soleil production, you should attend either Ka or Mystere. Both these shows have some of the best acrobatic stuntwork you will ever see in any Las Vegas production. However, most people believe Ka is the better of the two for acrobatics because of the incredible athleticism and physical agility showcased by the performers.