Top 7 Daytime Magic Shows In Las Vegas

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Las Vegas magic shows do not only take place at nighttime. Many of the best ones can also be seen during the afternoon hours. Daytime magic shows in Las Vegas have become popular among travelers with families, children, spouses, and romantic partners because they are affordable, convenient, and fun.

Top 7 Afternoon Vegas Magic Shows

Are you planning to see afternoon magic shows in Las Vegas on your next trip there? If so, you should plan your travel itinerary and make reservations in advance. Find out the kind of magic you and your travel companions want to see in Las Vegas. Would you like to see elaborate illusions, magic tricks, or a blend of comedy and magic? Whatever kind of magic you prefer, Las Vegas has a suitable show to pique your interest.

We suggest planning well in advance for your afternoon magic shows in Vegas. The best prices and seats come to those who reserve their tickets early, so keep that in mind when working on your travel itinerary. Below are the top 7 afternoon Vegas magic shows based on our research.

1) David Copperfield

David Copperfield Show

David Copperfield is one of the most famous magicians in the world. He achieved international fame in the 1980s after making the Statue of Liberty disappear in New York City on live television. The world-famous magician has continued to impress people with his extravagant and mesmerizing magic tricks for nearly 40 years. His show is undoubtedly among the best shows in Vegas due to the blend of showmanship, magic, and nostalgia each brings to each performance.

David Copperfield usually has night shows during the week, but he does have daytime magic shows in Vegas on Saturdays if you are interested. Each show is about 70 minutes long and suitable for children and adults. Copperfield’s illusions include separating torsos from their legs, levitation, and more. You can see his show in the David Copperfield Theatre of the MGM Grand Hotel.

2) Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

Frederic Da Silva hosts Paranormal Mind Reading Magic in the Imagine Showroom of the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel. He is an international, critically acclaimed mentalist with the gift of mind-reading and hypnosis. His Las Vegas hypnotist shows encourage volunteers from the audience to participate and have Frederic read their minds. If you sit close enough to the center stage, he may choose to read your mind too.

Frederic Da Silva is an award-winning mentalist and magician. His accolades include the 2011 FISM European Championship of Magic, the FFAP French Championship of Magic, and the Nostradamus d’ Or for Best Mentalist in Europe.

3) Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic is an affordable daytime magic show featuring the talented comedy magician Nathan Burton. The best Vegas shows under $50 have a blend of entertainment to keep audiences engaged. Nathan Burton loves to use comedy and magic to impress audiences, and he sure does not disappoint.

For the low admission price of $20 per ticket, you and your travel companions will have a splendid time at Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic. His afternoon Las Vegas magic shows feature complex tricks, large illusions, beautiful showgirls, hilarious comedy, and exciting entertainment. What more could you ask from a magic show in the afternoon?

You may have seen Nathan Burton’s numerous guest appearances on television shows like “The Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge,” “World’s Greatest Magic 3,” “America’s Got Talent,” “Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us,’” and “Cupcake Wars.” Of course, seeing him up close and personal in the Nathan Burton Magic Show Theater at the Showcase Mall is the best way to see him.

Don’t miss out on catching one of the best afternoon shows in Vegas at the Nathan Burton Magic Show Theater.

4) Mac King’s Comedy Magic

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Las Vegas has no shortage of famous comedy magicians. Mac King is a perfect example because he has built a reputation as the longest-running magician in Sin City. His show, Mac King’s Comedy Magic, features family-friendly humor incorporated into flawless sleight-of-hand and other mesmerizing magic tricks.

Mac King’s Comedy Magic features a healthy blend of comedy, magic, music, lighting, and props to deliver high-quality entertainment to audiences in the Thunderland of the Excalibur Hotel. Some of the show’s main highlights include Elvis & Liberace impersonations, hand shadow puppets, rope tricks, and more.

Mac King loves to call upon volunteers from the audience to participate in his magic tricks on stage. So, if you can reserve seats close to the stage, you may be lucky enough to be called upon to participate in one of his magic tricks.

5) Murray The Magician

Murray The Magician

Murray the Magician joins the ranks of the most celebrated and acclaimed Vegas magicians performing today. After 20+ million people watched him become a semifinalist on the popular NBC reality television show “America’s Got Talent,” Murray the Magician became a household name nationwide. He is best known for making large objects disappear, such as causing a 1918 steam train locomotive to vanish within seconds.

Murray the Magician’s daytime Las Vegas magic shows usually start around 4 PM at the Laugh Factory of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. Some of his larger-than-life tricks and illusions include making a showgirl turn into a tiger and making a Ferrari show up in the air out of nowhere.

6) Potted Potter

Potted Potter Show

Potted Potter is a pleasant show to see in the afternoon if you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, especially the book series. The Potted Potter Las Vegas comedy shows feature a parody retelling of the stories of all seven Harry Potter books within one 70-minute production. So, whether you are a fan of the books or not, this show will provide you with a hilarious summary of what happens in each book.

Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner are the stars of Potted Potter. They use a fantastic blend of ridiculous costumes, props, creativity, and imagination to summarize what happens in the Harry Potter books. It is a truly memorable experience.

7) Adam London Laughternoon

Adam London Laughternoon Show

Adam London is a magician and comedian performing his show Laughternoon at the Venue of the Orleans Hotel. He first started performing in musical theater when he attended college in his early adulthood. After that, London tried his hand at standup comedy at some of the most famous comedy clubs in the country, including the Improve Comedy Club and the L.A. Comedy Club. That is where he perfected his comedic craft.

London’s afternoon comedy shows in Las Vegas combine hilarious comedy with sleight-of-hand magic tricks and other illusions you will love to witness. There is no age restriction to see the show, so feel free to take your family to this afternoon show and have a good time together.

Las Vegas magic shows display some of the world’s best magic tricks, stunts, and illusions. The best part is that you can see nighttime or daytime Vegas magic shows, depending on your travel schedule.

The daytime magic shows are just as entertaining and mesmerizing as the nighttime magic shows in Las Vegas. Remember to reserve your tickets in advance to get the seats you want for the appropriate magic shows.

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