Are you eager to see downtown Las Vegas shows? Tourists like shopping at stores, staying at hotels, eating at restaurants, and attending some of the best entertainment productions in the world. Many tourists visit the Las Vegas Strip because that is where you can perform most of these activities. However, downtown Las Vegas retains the traditional feel and charm of old Las Vegas. Everything from the architecture to the social activities downtown is reminiscent of old Las Vegas. So if you want to have the authentic Las Vegas experience, you will attend shows in downtown Las Vegas.

Fremont Street is the central point of downtown Las Vegas. It also goes by the name Fremont East and the Freemont Street Experience. You can find Fremont Street by traveling north of the Las Vegas Strip. It is not as busy as the Strip, which is another reason to visit downtown. Out of all the current shows in Las Vegas, Nevada, only six can be seen downtown on Fremont Street. These shows include Delirious Comedy Club, Gordie Brown, House of Magic, Hypnosis Unleashed, Mike Hammer Comedy Magic, and Totally Mental.

The six downtown Las Vegas shows have different entertainment elements, such as stand-up comedy, impersonations, magic, hypnosis, and mind reading. Comedy is a common theme at all Fremont Street shows in Las Vegas. Even though some shows like Mike Hammer Comedy Magic and Totally Mental feature magic acts, the performers still attempt to make people laugh with their magic. For instance, magician Vinny Grosso performs amazing comedy illusions at his Totally Mental show. He’ll boggle your mind while making you laugh at the same time.

The shows downtown Las Vegas offers more than entertainment. They also provide one big tourist attraction to anyone curious to experience old Las Vegas for the first time or again. Las Vegas Fremont Street shows are bonuses to the overall experience of coming downtown in the first place. For instance, if you want to see a wide range of stand-up comedians, both new and renowned, you should visit the Delirious Comedy Club at the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel. It is the only downtown comedy club with shows on Fremont Street Las Vegas. You won’t want to miss it.

Please don’t feel you have to restrict yourself to Las Vegas Fremont shows only during your trip to Sin City. You can still attend Las Vegas Strip shows south of Fremont Street by traveling via rental car or public transportation. The Las Vegas Strip area has dozens of other high-quality shows available. If you don’t mind the short commute, you can easily see the best shows on the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street during the same trip. Then you can enjoy the total experience of witnessing both old and new Las Vegas in all their glory.