Did you know there are still funny comedy shows on Downtown Las Vegas in production? The six best comedy shows on Fremont Street Las Vegas include Delirious Comedy Club, Gordie Brown, House of Magic, Hypnosis Unleashed, Mike Hammer Comedy Magic, and Totally Mental. These shows offer a wide range of entertainment elements, such as magic, comedy, mind reading, hypnosis, and more. No matter which comedy shows you attend on Fremont Street, you’ll have a spectacular time from beginning to end.

Which comedy show on Downtown Las Vegas would you like to see the most? How about Fremont Street comedy shows with magic in them? If that’s the case, you can find the perfect blend of comedy and magic at the House of Magic show in the Las Vegas Room of the Downtown Grand Hotel. It features a brilliant rotating cast of comedy magicians using humor and mind-boggling magic to entertain audiences for 75 minutes per show. That is why some of Vegas comedy shows have magic in them too.

If you’re interested in comedy clubs on Downtown Las Vegas, the best choice is the Delirious Comedy Club. It is the best place to attend downtown Las Vegas shows with new and upcoming comedians. But you may also get treated to a surprise appearance from a more notable comedian every now and then. The Delirious Comedy Club joins the ranks as one of the best Downtown Las Vegas comedy clubs you can find.

Of course, you don’t need to attend a comedy club on Fremont Street Las Vegas to witness funny shows. Gordie Brown is one of the only comedians performing on Fremont Street who doesn’t need magic or comedy clubs to attract an audience. Instead, Gordie Brown relies on his skills as a celebrity impersonator, singer, and musician to make audiences laugh. So when you get done checking out your favorite comedy club on Downtown Las Vegas, see Gordie Brown perform in the Showroom at the Golden Nugget Hotel.