What kind of Las Vegas hotel shows do you want to see? The best hotels in Las Vegas have the best shows, such as Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, New York-New York, Excalibur, Rio, etc. Hotel shows in Vegas often come in package deals when you purchase show tickets and room reservations at the same hotels. However, you aren’t required to be a hotel guest to see shows at Las Vegas hotels. Just find the best hotel shows in Las Vegas and book tickets to see them within days, weeks, or months before you arrive in Sin City.

There are many excellent hotel shows in Las Vegas. The great thing is that you can stay in a room at any hotel on or near the Las Vegas Strip and still have easy access to the best shows and attractions in Las Vegas. If your preferred hotel shows are not on the Las Vegas Strip, they are probably a few miles away or within walking distance of your hotel. So feel free to fill up your itinerary with as many hotel shows in Vegas as your schedule will allow.

Many hotels host multiple shows depending on the size and popularity of the hotels. The top Las Vegas shows are often in hotels located along the famous Las Vegas Strip, which has some of the country’s most luxurious hotels and tourist destinations. Therefore, if you were to stay at a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, you would be within walking distance of the best hotel shows in Vegas.