Jabbawockeez Vs Blue Man Group: Which Is The Best For Kids?

Jabbawockeez Vs Blue Man Group

There are several world-famous shows in Las Vegas that are sure to dazzle the audience and transfer them to a fantastic and enjoyable world. Unfortunately, when visiting the city of brilliant lights, world-class entertainment, and huge promises, most of us won’t be able to catch every concert on the Strip. If you’re planning a vacation to Las Vegas, you’ll almost likely hear about at least a couple of the acts that distinguish the city’s entertainment.

You’ll probably think about the Jabbawockeez or Blue Man Group when you compare them and try to decide which show you and potentially your family should see. So, who delivers the best show? Of course, this is a matter of personal taste. However, there are a few considerations you should make before embarking on your journey. At the very least, you’ll be able to determine which concerts are ideal for your party and your wallet!

What Does The Blue Man Group Do?

Blue Man Group Show

Prepare for the ultimate sensory explosion when the world’s favorite blue boys take the stage and ratchet up the heat. Blue Man Group is a unique audiovisual experience in Las Vegas that is fun for the whole family and never gets boring no matter how many times you see it.

The show’s narrators profess to be experts on human nature and society development, yet the three bald and blue stars appear to have no idea. Through music, dance, and a small amount of vocal communication, you become a part of this production and immerse yourself in the incredible sights that fill the theater.

The show is great clean fun, with a range of presentations and quick-change feats, but the company’s original music, performed on a variety of far-flung, handcrafted instruments, is what makes it so appealing.

You will be amazed! After all, being captivated by the enjoyment of three blue men is a perfectly natural reaction. On select nights, the Blue Man Group plays at the Luxor’s Blue Man Theater at 5 and 8 PM.

What Are The Jabbawockeez?

Jabbawockeez Show

The nation’s favorite masked dance crew has returned. Jabbawockeez rose to prominence on America’s Best Dance Crew and has captivated viewers and the dance community ever since with their unique style.

The Jabbawockeez, dressed in white masks and gloves, draw the audience’s focus away from their individual personalities in order to emphasize the dancers’ oneness and create visual interpretations of music.

The Jabbawockeez, who are known for their choreography, originality, and killer movements, have received numerous honors four years in a row. They’ve become one of the most influential dance gangs in the world thanks to their athleticism and perfect beat.

The Jabbawockeez dance troupe was the first to perform on the Las Vegas Strip. In 2010, their show “MÜS.I.C.” debuted at the MGM Grand. Since then, they’ve performed at the Monte Carlo and the Luxor. They’ll be performing at the MGM Grand again soon, and it’ll be a show to remember.

Which Show Is Better For Families?

It is true that not everyone visiting Las Vegas is planning a large party or a trip with their pals. In fact, many families travel to Las Vegas for a variety of entertainment options and natural surroundings. With that said, we believe it is critical to pick entertainment that the entire family can enjoy!

While both the Blue Man Group and the Jabbawockeez are great shows to be enjoyed by viewers of all ages, it’s crucial to know which performance is more welcoming and accessible to the entire family – including, of course, the smallest audience members. Keep reading to learn more about each show!

How Family-Friendly Is The Blue Man Group?

The Blue Man Group is well-known for being a family-friendly ensemble. It’s also a fantastic show if you’re fluent in another language! Because the actors do not communicate during the performance, it is suitable for young audiences and individuals who are not fluent in English.

The Blue Man Group does have a minimum age requirement of three years old. Thus, children under the age of three will be unable to attend the show. The rest of the program, on the other hand, is ideal for families. There are a few moments that include loud sounds and flashing lights, but the rest of the show is engaging and delightful for those who are mature enough to attend!

Are The Jabbawockeez Family Friendly?

Jabbawockeez is not only kid-friendly but it’s also regarded as one of Las Vegas’ top family acts. The show includes high-octane music, dance, audience participation, and a few laughs. It has everything that children of all ages will enjoy in a show. Everyone in your group will definitely be entertained as they watch, and there is no age requirement!

However, the Jabbawockeez is primarily a dance show. While the entire cast is full of incredible, world-class dancers, some kids attending the show may find the performance to be a little boring. Of course, the show is thrilling from start to finish, but some children need a storyline or other elements to keep them engaged the entire time.

Which Show Is Best For Families?

There is no doubt that the Jabbawockeez put on a wonderfully entertaining show, especially if you have a dancer or dance enthusiast in the family. However, if your kids need a bit more to stay entertained, it may not be the best choice.

The Blue Man Group is definitely your best chance for entertainment that the entire family will enjoy! When it comes to a concert that you can take your kids to, the Blue Man Group comes out on top. Check out The Tournament Of Kings Vs Medieval Times if you want to check out other shows that are just as great for the entire family.

Which Show Has The Best Prices?

There is no denying that price plays a major role in which shows and activities you choose while on vacation. While there are many ways to find Blue Man Group and Jabbawockeez tickets, we are going to take a look at what these shows charge for tickets when purchased directly from the shows’ digital box offices.

How Much Do Blue Man Group Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Fortunately, the Blue Man Group performs in Las Vegas virtually all year, and they put on a show practically every day! On weekdays, their shows are normally performed once or twice a day, but weekend dates can include up to three performances. Weekend and weekday performances typically cost roughly $56 for seats furthest from the stage and around $115 for seats closer to the stage.

A significant factor affecting tickets prices is the day of the week you choose to see the show, as well as which show time you choose to attend The rates listed above are for the 7 PM concert; however, tickets for the 4 PM show start at $68.36 for seats furthest from the show.

How Much Do Jabbawockeez Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

The Jabbawockeez perform nearly every day of the week other than Tuesday. One of the great things about this show is that it doesn’t matter which day of the week you attend – when purchasing directly from the MGM Grand website (the resort that hosts the show), prices remain the same each and every day.

Thankfully, the rates are also the same regardless of whether you catch the 7 PM show or the 9:30 PM performance. Ticket prices to the show range from $50 to $110. Seats furthest from the stage are cheaper, while those closer will cost more.

Jabbawockeez Or Blue Man Group – Who Is The Winner?

When considering the price, The Jabbawockeez provides a better rate on tickets. Honestly, the ticket prices are very similar, but the Jabbawockeez show does have a lesser ticket starting ticket rate and also costs less to sit close to the stage.

While a few dollars per ticket does not seem like much if you have a larger group or plan on bringing the entire family, that $6 can quickly add up! Both shows are incredibly budget-friendly, but Jabbawockeez wins this one!

FAQ About The Jabbawockeez And Blue Man Group

Is Jabbawockeez Show Kid-Friendly?

The Jabbawockeez performance is open to all ages, although those aged four and up must pay a ticket; those aged three and under can sit in a lap seat. For people with sensitive hearing, the sound system might be quite loud. The majority of the seats in the theatre are on the same level. The best seats in the house for Jabbawockeez Las Vegas are in the front row of the bottom or top sections. For individuals with little children, child seat boosters are offered.

Is It Possible To Meet The Jabbawockeez?

You can sometimes arrange Jabbawockeez meet and greets at some shows through meetandgreetticket.com, allowing you to realize your longtime desire of meeting Jabbawockeez. Many Jabbawockeez meets and greets tickets include the opportunity to take a photo with your favorite character. This deal may not extend to Jabbawockeez’s Vegas dates.

Is Blue Man Group A Messy Show?

The Blue Men have an uncanny ability to energize their audience. In the process, the entire place is wrecked, for lack of a better word. Yes, the stage gets splattered with paint and muck, but the audience also gets a fair amount of the mess.