Ka Vs O: Which Cirque Du Soleil Show Is The Best For You?

Ka Vs O

If you’re heading to Las Vegas, you’re probably thinking of a night at one of the many famous Cirque du Soleil shows in the city. The two most famous shows, O and Ka, are probably on your list. The key to choosing between O vs. KA Las Vegas is to understand each unique factor and determine which one is best for you.

In this guide, you can learn about each show’s unique features, pricing, and other factors that can help you decide which one you enjoy the most. Find out more about each show, whether it’s family-friendly, what night it is performing, and so much more. Be sure to read all the details so you can find the one that is going to make your trip truly remarkable!

What Is O?

O by Cirque du Soleil Show

The first show we are going to teach out about in the O vs. Ka Cirque Du Soleil debate is O. If you like water,  this show maybe your top choice. Acrobats, synchronized swimming, divers, and other sea characters will perform in, above, and on a 1.5 million gallon pool in this aquatic-themed Cirque du Soleil piece.

Given the size of this unique venue, it’s easy to imagine yourself in another world. The crowd is just outside the splash zone, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet. Many of the complex sets can come down from the ceiling and completely immerse the actor in this aquatic wonderland. In the central stage pool, acrobats and gymnasts perform gravitational feats, creating fluid illusions.

Each performer has a number of identical outfits to wear during the performance to keep them dry when they come out of the underwater stunts. This amazing performance will take your breath away and will make wonderful memories for years to come. This is a family-friendly presentation.

What Is Ka?

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil Show

The final candidate for the  KA vs. O stand-off is Ka! The truth is that there is a Cirque du Soleil show in which nearly every person can find something to enjoy – emotion, passion, action, you name it. And the Ka is for those who like blood-pumping action, non-stop adventure, and appreciate the classic story of good and evil. Does it get much better than that?

The entire theater is designed to fit the concept, so everywhere you look, you’re staring at the set. Even the stage consists of two huge mobile platforms that not only float but also rotate completely vertically. Just wait to witness the interrupted combat sequence. Each stunt is truly breathtaking, but not all are done in the air – there isn’t a single area of the stage that doesn’t showcase incredible acts!

For example, the Wheel of Death stands firmly on the ground as a brave performer jumps to terrifying heights. Ka is a whole new level of entertainment, with a fierce battle story and the question of success or failure to the end. Mystere vs O is also worth checking out, but Ka is truly for the adrenaline seekers.

O Vs. Ka – Which Show Is Best For Families?

Most Cirque du Soleil shows are perfect for the whole family. However, it’s important to remember that some silk shows have some exciting elements that young viewers may find scary. Here’s what you need to know before you bring your children.

How Family-Friendly Is O?

The minimum age to participate in O is five years. Therefore, if you have very young children, there are certain elements within the show that may not be best suited for them. O uses many noisy sounds and episodes of darkness or very low light. This can surprise some children. This show is absolutely spectacular, but if you bring the whole family, it may be suitable for older children and teens.

With that said, kids over five who enjoy more fantastical elements will most definitely appreciate this show. Unlike Ka, Cirque Du Soleil’s O is not as focused on action and war-related subject matter. O is a show that will leave the entire audience rooting for the hero by the end of their journey.

How Family-Friendly Is K?

Like O, Ka requires guests to be at least five years old. Very young kids can’t attend the show, but older kids will probably enjoy Ka’s actions and stories. It’s also important to remember that this action-packed show contains a number of dreamy and sometimes nightmarish sequences that can scare young viewers.

Ka is world-renowned for its timelessly classic hero’s quest story. With fire and movement, Ka brings a level of action that is unmatched among the other Cirque Du Soleil shows and any other show in Las Vegas, for that matter. While the sequences can scare younger viewers, if you have a little one (over the age of five, of course) who enjoys the loud, rough, and tumble world of Ka, then this show may just be the very best pick for you and your family!

Ka Vs. O: Who Is The Winner?

If you have a child under the age of five, sadly, you won’t be able to bring them to either of these shows. However, if your kids are over five years old, you will certainly want to bring them to a show that they can’t get enough of! Choosing between O vs. Ka Du Soleil is no easy task because both shows are so fantastic!

Sadly, there can only be one winner, and when it comes to finding the best family-friendly show between O and Ka, O may just be the best choice. Even if your child doesn’t like the loud noises and aggressive sequences found in some of the other Cirque Du Soleil shows, like Ka, they will find much enjoyment in O’s fantastical elements.

KA Or O – Which Show Has The Best Prices?

Each of these shows is different, has a different story, and will be held at different host resorts, so prices are expected to vary considerably. Budgets and prices often play an important role in determining the type of entertainment you seek when visiting Las Vegas. The good news is that you’re likely to find one of these shows that fit your budget.

How Much Do “O” Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Watch the O show at the Bellagio Hotel, known for its luxury! Tickets for this show start at $125 per ticket and are given balcony seating with limited views. Prices for the 9:30 pm show start at $130 for the 7 pm show. For those who are serious about splash, O ticket prices can reach close to $400 per person in VIP Suite seats.

How Much Do Ka Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Ticket prices for Ka at the MGM Grand Resort and Casino start at $75 for the 9:30 pm show and $90 for the 7 pm show. However, ticket prices for each show can be well over $200, depending on seat selection.

Ka Or O – Who Is The Winner?

O is regarded as one of the most fantastic shows on the Vegas Strip. However, its host venue, the Bellagio, is also known as one of the most luxurious places to stay -which, of course, translates to a higher ticket price. So, if your budget is not a top priority, O may be worth the splurge.

However, in the battle of O vs. Ka Las Vegas, Ka offers the most affordable prices. If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option without worrying about your limited horizons, Ka is your best bet!

FAQ About O Vs. Ka Las Vegas

Is Ka Better Than O?

The truth is that both shows are absolutely incredible. Ka is a very unique show with movable seats and much of the stunts performed through the air. However, O is, at its core, an aquatic show – which tends to delight audiences unlike anything else you have ever seen.

What Does O Mean In Cirque Du Soleil?

Simply stated, the title for O is related to water. Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian circus and performance group, has created O, a water-themed stage show. O actually occurs around and above a 1.5-million-gallon pool of water and is pronounced the same way as Eau, which is the French word for “water.”

Is Cirque Du Soleil O Worth The Money?

The show is absolutely worth seeing. It’s a one-of-a-kind water stage that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. The show does not necessitate the most expensive seats. If you choose Limited View seats, as long as they are not in row O, you will be able to see quite fine.