The Top 3 Late Night Shows In Las Vegas

L.A Comedy Club

Are you looking for the best late night shows in Las Vegas? There are so many entertaining and funny late shows in Vegas that it’s hard to single out the best ones. Late night shows have always been about making people laugh and helping them forget their worries and problems. The late night shows in Vegas are no exception.

The best late night shows in Vegas are at comedy clubs in prominent resort hotels across the city. You can enjoy first-class accommodations at these hotels, including air conditioning, casual dress codes, and other amenities to make guests feel more comfortable.

The 3 Best Late Night Shows In Vegas

Late night Vegas shows are why millions of people come to Las Vegas each year. Most people love to laugh at funny jokes no matter how much they might cross the line. Sin City sure has no shortage of comedians who cross the line occasionally, but it is all in good fun. The important thing is to enjoy yourself at these fantastic late night shows in Vegas. Below are the top 3 late night comedy shows in Las Vegas.  

1) Laugh Factory – Closed

Laugh Factory Comedy Club

The best comedians in Las Vegas come to the Laugh Factory to perform for live audiences and make them laugh. The Laugh Factory is a world-famous comedy club that started in Hollywood in the late 1970s. Many famous and legendary comedians began their careers at the Laugh Factory, including Tim Allen, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Bob Saget, Jeff Foxworthy, Roseanne Barr, Jon Stewart, Garry Shandling, Louie Anderson, and countless others.

USA Today named the Laugh Factory the number one comedy club in the United States. Now the Laugh Factory has found a home at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas, offering a rotating cast of comedians ranging from newbies to seasoned professionals. Perhaps you’ll get to witness the next rising star at the comedy club when you visit during your trip to Vegas.

Laugh Factory showtimes are 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM every night of the week at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. The rotating cast allows the comedy club to offer shows every night. Audience members must be 18 years old or older to attend the Laugh Factory shows. You can expect the comedians to use a lot of adult language and jokes, so it is better to attend the Laugh Factory with your friends, spouse, or partner.

2) LA Comedy Club

L.A Comedy Club

The LA Comedy Club is amongst the most renowned comedy clubs in Las Vegas. It is like entering a time machine and traveling to a comedy club from the 1980s or 1990s because the showroom is set up like a classic comedy club. The center of the large stage has a wooden stool and microphone for the comedian to use, similar to how comedians performed back in the day.

However, the big modern difference is that two large video screens surround the stage and show video clips of bloopers and practical jokes before the main show begins. It is a way to keep audience members entertained at their booths, chairs, or tables until the comedians come out and perform live on stage. All audience members must be at least 21 or older to gain admittance.

The LA Comedy Club is at the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel in Las Vegas. The Redneck Comedy Show with James Michael has been one of the most frequent shows played at the Dragon Room. Other headling comedians at the LA Comedy Club include Felipe Esparza, Willie Ferrell, Joey Medina, Tom Rhodes, and Butch Bradley.

The showtimes for comedy shows at the LA Comedy Club are 6 PM, 8 PM and 10 PM approximately seven nights per week. The 6 PM timeslot is reserved for the Redneck Comedy Show, while the 8 PM and 10 PM timeslots are for the normal roster of LA Comedy Club comedians.

3) Delirious Comedy Club

Delirious Comedy Club

Are you looking for Las Vegas tonight shows with deliriously funny comedians? If so, there is no better comedy club to go to than Delirious Comedy Club in The Las Vegas Room at the Downtown Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Guests must be 21 years of age or older to attend the event and have a spectacularly good time while laughing their you know what off.

Delirious Comedy Club will surprise you with its random line-up of comedic talent. They have a variety of newcomers and well-known comedians performing at the club on different nights of the week. Just keep in mind the Las Vegas Room at the Downtown Grand Hotel is a small and intimate environment. So, don’t be surprised if one of the comedians makes you the subject of their improvisational jokes.

The showtimes at the Delirious Comedy Club are 6 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 8 PM and 10 PM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are no shows available on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

FAQs About Late Night Shows In Las Vegas

What are the most popular late night shows in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas’s most popular late-night shows are standup comedy performances at the Laugh Factory, LA Comedy Club, and the Delirious Comedy Club. They feature a rotating cast of comedians who’ll give you a unique comedic experience each time you attend one of these clubs.

Which comedians are at the late night comedy shows in Las Vegas?

These late night Vegas shows feature newcomers and headling comedians from around the country. You may frequently see comedians like Felipe Esparza, Joey Medina, Tom Rhodes, Willie Ferrell, and more. Other more famous comedians you might frequently see less of include Jerry Seinfeld and Jeff Foxworthy. 

Where can I see late night shows in Las Vegas?

The Laugh Factory is at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. You can also attend the LA Comedy Club in the Dragon Room of the STRAT Hotel and the Delirious Comedy Club in the Las Vegas Room at the Downtown Grand Hotel.

What are the ticket prices for late night shows in Vegas?

The ticket prices for most light night comedy shows in Las Vegas are very affordable for the average tourist. For instance, the minimum price for admittance to the Delirious Comedy Club is $24. And if you want to attend the LA Comedy Club, you can pay a minimum of $30 for general seating in the Dragon Room.