Mat Franco Vs David Copperfield: Who Has The Better Show?

Mat Franco Vs David Copperfield

Mat Franco and David Copperfield are both accomplished and celebrated, but which show should you choose when contemplating Mat Franco Vs David Copperfield? The truth is that it is not an easy decision – both shows are incredibly enjoyable and will bring delightful entertainment to your trip.

However, we look at two crucial factors when determining how well a show fits your next trip to Las Vegas – pricing and whether the show is family-friendly. Budget plays a major role on vacations, and believe it or not, and many people bring the entire family to Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at which shows may be the best pick for your next vacation.

Who Is Mat Franco?

Mat Franco Show

Performing on stage at the LINQ Hotel & Casino, Franco performed inventive magic that was both entertaining and touching to behold. By becoming the first magician to ever win America’s Got Talent, he defied the odds. That is not terrible for someone who has been learning magic for almost 20 years, especially at the age of 29.

Franco was granted the opportunity to headline his own magic show in Las Vegas following his triumph on America’s Got Talent. Since then, by allowing visitors to participate in his performances, he has developed a sizable following base among viewers.

Franco’s magic performances in Vegas involve excitement and his own sense of comedy. If you have never seen Franco live on stage, you will have an unforgettable experience. If you are considering other Las Vegas illusionists, be sure to see how he measures up in Mat Franco Vs Shin Lim.

Who Is David Copperfield?

David Copperfield Show

Copperfield performs in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Resort Hotel. He is one of the select few magicians in Las Vegas with a theater of his own. The David Copperfield Theater, where he performs all of his magic acts in Las Vegas, is located inside the MGM Grand.

The magic shows by Copperfield are brief and to the point. Showgirls, overdone lighting, and distracting effects are not used to try to divert your attention. You only witness Copperfield’s amazing illusions and feats in action. While some of them are simple to understand, others are more difficult. The finest part is when he picks a random audience member to take part in his magic performance.

Which Magic Show Is More Family Friendly?

Most shows in Las Vegas are suitable for audiences of all ages. However, keep in mind that certain Las Vegas shows have thrilling components that could be frightful to young audiences. Here are some things you should know before bringing your children.

How Family-Friendly Is David Copperfield?

The minimal age restriction for David Copperfield’s many performances at the MGM Grand is five years old. Copperfield is arguably the most well-known magician alive, and luckily his show is great for families with children of all ages! This is fantastic news for those who want to bring along their younger children to one of the most famous magic shows in the world! There can be some loud noises and exhilarating tricks, so keep this in mind if you have a little one that is sensitive to these types of things.

How Family-Friendly Is Mat Franco?

There aren’t many special effects in this modest venue where Franco is performing. It’s more of a mash-up of comedy and magic tricks. Visitors must be at least five years old to attend, just like the David Copperfield show. Making this another great choice for visitors with younger children to check out a fantastic show that the entire family can enjoy.

Mat Franco Vs David Copperfield – Which Show Is Better For The Kids?

The most crucial thing to keep in mind when comparing Mat Franco vs David Copperfield is that both entertainers put on fantastic presentations for their audiences, but one offers a magical experience that is slightly superior for small children. Mat Franco’s show doesn’t include as many exhilarating tricks, which some children may find a bit too scary.

Which Show Is More Affordable?

Spending money is always a concern for travelers – especially to Las Vegas, where there are so many amazing entertainment options and experiences. Knowing which magic shows give you the most bang for your buck leaves more budget for dinners, and seeing other shows and enjoying entertainment options. Below, you’ll find ticket prices for each show when purchased directly from the show’s box office.

How Much Are Tickets To Mat Franco?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

At the Mat Franco event, there are four primary seating areas. These include front, back, preferred, and premium seating options. The least expensive table seating is typically at the rear. Fortunately, every seat in this theater has a fantastic view because that’s how it was designed!

With these sections in mind, tickets furthest from the stage start at $65, while sitting closer to the performance area can cost up to $150.

How Much Are Tickets To David Copperfield?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

By ordering tickets for the David Copperfield show directly from the MGM Grand website, audience members can save a ton of money. Currently, starting costs for tickets are a little over $90. These tickets are for section E, which is the furthest from the stage, so please keep that in mind. There isn’t a poor seat in the house, but it’s still important to consider where your seats will be when you buy. Those interested in a VIP experience can expect to pay up to $220.

David Copperfield Vs Mat Franco – Who Has The Best Prices?

While comparing Mat Franco vs David Copperfield tickets, there is a very distinct difference in prices for each show. At almost $20 more, the lowest cost to see David Copperfield’s show is over $90. While each show is incredible and full of exhilarating moments, this is a cost that may not be feasible for those seeing the show with their entire families.

FAQs For Mat Franco and David Copperfield

Where is the best place to sit at the David Copperfield show?

There are several excellent tickets available for the David Copperfield performance. However, many would contend that the front rows, where David is frequently seen moving through and interacting with viewers—offer some of the closest and most personal views of the show.

Is Mat Franco a good performer?

It has been said that Franco’s performance is approachable and has a strong connection with the audience. Because the space is not very large, viewing is decent from wherever inside.

Is David Copperfield Las Vegas show worth it?

David Copperfield puts on an amazing show and has spent decades performing in Las Vegas and around the world.