Mystere Vs O: Which Is The Best Cirque du Soleil Show?

Mystere Vs O

It is hardly a trip to Las Vegas without catching one Cirque Du Soleil’s famous performances. But which show should you choose? Mystere vs. O Cirque Du Soleil are two of the most well-known shows and may even be the ones that you are already considering! Knowing the differences between these two world-famous shows and determining which one you will enjoy the most is the key to choosing between Cirque Du Soleil O vs. Mystere.

 We know there is a lot to think about as you choose the shows you are going to see on your trip, so we compare common considerations like price and how much your family will enjoy the show. We’ve searched high and low to find all of the most important information for you to use when determining which show to see. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know!

What Is The Mystere Show?

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil Show

Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere is the first show in our Mystere vs. O competition. Cirque Du Soleil shows are no stranger to bizarre, yet beautiful performances. However, Mystere easily distinguishes itself from the rest. From crazy colors to dancing triplets (did we mention the giant baby?), there is no limit to where your imagination will run to as you experience Mystere.

Mystere’s plot is much less of a storyline and much more of an artistic interpretation of the fantastical visuals and stunts performed during the show. As the first Cirque Du Soleil show to make its way to a Las Vegas residence, it should come as no surprise that this show is still running after almost 30 years.

With over 60 cast members from all over the globe, this international production showcases the best talent. As performers show off their impressive skills while flying through the air and making the audience laugh and scream with excitement. The performers perform all of their stunts, with absolutely no fear – the amount of work and preparation that goes into the show must be truly unimaginable.

What Is The O Show?

O by Cirque du Soleil Show

O is our next contender as we decide between O vs. Mystere. O, a version of the French word for water eau, is a show full of aquatic wonders. In this Cirque du Soleil show, performers flip, fly, swim, and do the unimaginable all within the depths of a 1.5-million-gallon pool.

The sheer size and fantastical elements found in this venue make it easy to escape reality and become truly immersed in the show. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about any stray splashes of water – the seats are far enough away from the stage to stay dry. The pool takes center stage in O as performers move through the water and transport the audience.

 This incredible performance will leave you speechless and leave you with unforgettable memories for years to come. It’s a show that’s appropriate for the whole family and is sure to have everyone wonder “how was that even possible?”  as they leave the theater.

Mystere Vs. O: Which Is Most Family-Friendly?

Many shows performed by Cirque Du Soleil can be enjoyed by those who are at least five years old. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few Cirque shows that may be a little too thrilling for younger audience members. When considering how well a show is suited for the whole family, it isn’t so easy to compare O vs. Mystere. The truth is that both shows have a lot to offer and it isn’t so easy to pick the best one between O and Mystere, but we have determined which one may be better suited for kids. Take a look below!

Is Mystere Family Friendly?

Mystere is known as one of the most family-friendly shows likely due to its Circus theme. Some previous audience members agree that kids around the age of five or older will most enjoy the show, but there is no minimum age requirement for those who wish to attend. When comparing Mystere vs. O Cirque Du Soleil and how well a show is suited for families, price is often a factor. Because Mystere has some of the most affordable prices, it is often an obvious choice for families and larger groups.

Is O Family Friendly?

Although O is a relatively family-friendly show, it does require anyone attending the show to be at least five years of age. Because of this, it is likely not on option for those with especially young children. There are many loud noises and periods of darkness throughout the show that can startle or even scare younger audience members. The show is a truly whimsical fantasy but may be best enjoyed by older kids and teenagers. If you have younger kids who enjoy a thrilling experience, then they are sure to love the show!  

The Winner

There is no denying that both shows offer a spectacle like any other, but there is one that is a better fit for families and that is Mystere! The reason is that there is no minimum age requirement and fewer intense sequences such as the ones found in O. However, as you compare Cirque Du Soleil O vs. Mystere, there is no denying that O may be more entertaining to young children with a passion for theatrics.

Mystere Vs O Cirque Du Soleil: Best Prices

It is normal to assume the rates for all of the Cirque Du Soleil shows would be the same, but that is not the case. Because each Cirque show performs at a different venue, the ticket prices tend to be vastly different. As with any other form of entertainment on vacation, it is important to consider how well it works within your budget. We’ve checked each show to determine their price range – you can find the rates below!

How Much Do Mystere Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Mystere has its own theater found at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. For seats further from the stage, you can grab your reservation at $75 each.

However, if you prefer to sit closer to the action, expect to pay around $140 per ticket. For those interested in previewing how well they can see the stage, the show’s website provides a 360-degree view of the set!

How Much Do “O” Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

e Bellagio Hotel is one of the most luxurious resorts found on the Strip, and this is also where you will find O. If you don’t mind a slightly limited view of the stage, you can find tickets on the balcony starting at $95. However, tickets to the 9:30 p.m. show are relatively cheaper than the 7 PM performance. For example, you can find the same balcony seats at the 9:30 showing for about $75.

If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, there are VIP suit seats for O starting at $400. Unfortunately, The O show does not have any further discounts for seniors, military, or children, unlike the other Cirque Du Soleil performing in Las Vegas.

The Winner

Both shows in our Cirque Du Soleil O vs. Mystere debate have performances, stunts, and stories that are offers something that is unlike any other show you will see. Even though the prices for tickets other shows are much more comparable, that is not the case for Mystere Cirque Du Soleil vs. Ka. For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, Mystere is most likely the best option – especially with their additional discounts.

FA About Mystere And O Show

Which Cirque du Soleil is better O or Mystere?

O is a prior audience member’s favorite cirque show, and it also boasts the most “wow” moments. However, we would only recommend O above Mystere if you are willing to pay more for better seats; the O theater is the only Cirque show where we believe seating is important. Mystere is the most affordable cirque show, yet it also features incredible acrobatics.

Is Cirque du Soleil O worth the money?

The show is absolutely worth seeing. It’s a one-of-a-kind water stage that you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. The show does not necessitate the most expensive seats. If you choose Limited View seats, as long as they are not in row O, you will be able to see quite fine. However, this is truly a show that is worth the splurge to sit in the best sections. The Bellagio Hotel offers 25% ticket discounts from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye out!

How Long Does Ka, Mystere, and O Lasts?

When it comes to taking your children to a show, length is frequently a crucial consideration. Mystere is a slightly shorter show, clocking in at around 90 minutes. On the other hand, O has a running time of 105 minutes. Both shows offer a fantastic experience that is sure to keep you wanting more long after the curtain has dropped. Whichever show you end up choosing to see, you are sure to enjoy every single minute of it!


    1. Hi David! Both shows have incredible music scores, but O features a more tranquil and haunting soundtrack.

    1. Hi Sofia! Mystere has a loose storyline exploring the origins of life and the human experience.

    1. Hi Matthew! There are several great restaurants at the Bellagio, including Le Cirque and Picasso.

    1. Hi Abigail! O is a great choice for a romantic date night due to its stunning and serene water performances.

    1. Hi Benjamin! Yes, O features professional swimmers and divers who perform incredible water stunts.

    1. Hi Alexander! It’s best to book online in advance to secure the best seats and avoid long lines.

    1. Hi Alexander! It’s best to book online in advance to secure the best seats and avoid long lines.

    1. Hi Amelia! Both shows receive rave reviews, but O often stands out for its unique water-based performances.

    1. Hi Elijah! Yes, Mystere is considered a more traditional Cirque du Soleil show with classic elements.

    1. Hi Lucas! O is performed in a theater with a central water stage, offering great views from all angles.

    1. Hi Mia! Backstage tours are not commonly available, but you can check with the box office for special experiences.

    1. Hi Mason! Both Mystere and O have similar run times, typically around 90 minutes to 2 hours.

    1. Hi Noah! Mystere explores the origins of life and human potential, while O is centered around water and the concept of infinity.

    1. Hi Sophia! Both shows feature incredible acrobatics, but Mystere is renowned for its classic Cirque du Soleil acrobatics.

    1. Hi Jack! Both are great, but Mystere is a fantastic introduction with its classic Cirque elements.

    1. Hi Emma! O offers a unique aquatic experience with stunning visuals. Both shows are spectacular in their own ways.

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