Shin Lim Vs Criss Angel: Which Is The Best Vegas Magic Show?

Shin Lim Vs Criss Angel

If words like magic, hypnosis, and teleportation get your heart racing, then you need to see a Las Vegas magic show. Few other cities in the world offer as many options as the Las Vegas Strip when searching for the perfect illusionist to blow your mind. Of course, this is why it is so hard to choose a show when you visit one of the world’s entertainment capitals. However, this guide tells you everything you need to know when trying to compare Criss Angel vs Shin Lim. 

Top performers from all over the world yearn to perform in Las Vegas, the pinnacle of entertainment success. Of course, the crowd doesn’t let you down either—remember, everyone here wants to have a good time! Simply said, for anyone who seeks wonder, attending a magic show in Vegas is like taking the ultimate journey. Here is what you should keep in mind while trying to find your perfect match. 

What Is The Criss Angel Mindfreak Show?

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Show

Criss lends a touch of gothic magic to the stage. With his terrifying performances that allow you to view the magic as undiluted as possible, you should get ready to be on edge. If you’ve watched any of his TV shows, you know that this recommendation is subject to the preferences of the individual viewer. But Mindfreak is an obvious choice if you like a more sinister mystical atmosphere.

His most famous show, Mindfreak, immediately makes you aware of how immersive the acts are. He combines a lot of acts together and uses amazing music and visual effects to really bring them to life. The magic overload you wish for is provided by this outstanding presentation at the Chris Angel Theatre in the Planet Hollywood Hotel.

What Is The Shin Lim Show?

Shin Lim Show

A magician from Canada and the United States named Liang-Shung Lim performs his act Limitless at the Mirage in Las Vegas. His close-up magic, which he performs under the stage name Shin Lim, is what made him famous. After twice winning the America’s Got Talent competition, he became well-known.

In the realm of magic, he is respected for his card tricks. From the moment he shuffles the deck of cards until the end, his complex yet elegant performances are accompanied by breathtaking music. Shin Lim claims he is neither a magician nor a wizard and that he has no intention of fooling his audience. But when you watch one of his live performances, you can’t help but marvel at how he manages to do it.

Which Show Is Better If You Have Kids?

What can you do when you wish to bring the kids on your next trip to Las Vegas despite the city’s abundance of adult entertainment options? Vegas may be a fantastic family-friendly vacation spot, especially if you intend to see one of the numerous family-friendly performances there while you’re there. In addition to this Criss Angel vs Shin Lim guide, be sure to check out Shin Lim vs Mat Franco for even more information on Las Vegas magic shows. 

How Family-Friendly Is Criss Angel MINDFREAK?

Do you have older children or teenagers that might reluctantly accompany you to a family performance in Vegas but always wish they could be doing something fun and less aimed toward little children? The kind of magical show they (and you) are searching for is Criss Angel Mindfreak.

In the field of magic, Criss Angel has long been an unstoppable force. His performance at Planet Hollywood on the Las Vegas Strip mixes magic, illusion, and technology for a sensory-stimulating performance that makes the audience feel totally engrossed in the action. The visual effects are enough to justify the cost of the tickets.

How Family-Friendly Is Shin Lim’s LIMITLESS?

Shin Lim’s LIMITLESS is a very family-friendly show. However, all attendees must be at least five years old and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. With that in mind, there are plenty of amazing tricks and illusions for those attending the show to see. Parents can bring their younger children knowing they will not be exposed to any vulgar language or risque performances. 

Shin Lim’s show focuses mainly on sleight of hand tricks – which means audiences will be left shocked and amazed but hardly scared. This is a magic show that demonstrates a very straightforward style of illusion without any thrilling visuals or incredibly loud noises, making it perfect for everyone in the family regardless of age. 

Criss Angel Vs Shin Lim – Which Show Is The Most Family-Friendly?

Criss Angel’s show is fantastic if you have kids that are in that pre-teen to teenage range. Sure, some of the performances may be a bit revealing. But, overall, the show is incredibly thrilling and sure to be enjoyable for teens and their parents. However, because Shin Lim’s style of performance and magic provide a cleaner show, we can’t help but choose him as our family-friendly winner for this round. 

Which Show Has The Best Ticket Prices?

If price plays an important role in how you plan your vacation, then nothing is more important than being able to plan how much a show will cost you and your group’s tickets. While tickets for Las Vegas shows can be found through many unique vendors, knowing how much the theater charges per ticket can give you a good idea of how affordable a show really is. 

How Much Do Shin Lim Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

The starting price for Category C tickets to LIMITLESS, located the farthest from the stage, is $77. There are also many different ways to get Shin Lim tickets. The cost rises when you select seats that are nearer the stage.

The starting prices for categories B and C are $99 and $77, while preferred or premium seating can cost up to $265. For $265, you can purchase seats for a meet and greet package for the Shin Lim LIMITLESS Show.

How Much Do Criss Angel Tickets Cost?

Lowest Price Guaranteed!

Angel’s show is known for its high-tech visuals. While the futuristic elements of the show certainly contribute to a higher ticket price, it is well worth the experience you will have. The price of the tickets won’t be so exorbitant if you are situated far from the stage, but as you get close to the stage, the price will start to increase. The least costly seats start at $90, while the most expensive ones might reach $170.

Which Show Has Better Prices?

Because Criss Angel’s show involves so many technical features, the show is understandably more expensive. But if you have younger kids, or are looking for a show that is a little more grounded, then Shin Lim is the better choice – after all, the prices for his show start at $77 per ticket. 

FAQs About Criss Angel and Shin Lim

Has Criss Angel ever been hurt?

Angel passed out in midair in front of a Las Vegas crowd and required emergency medical attention after passing out while performing an act in which he hung from his ankles while wearing a straight jacket.

What is Criss Angel’s real name?

Criss Angel’s birth name is Christopher Sarantakos.

How many times has Shin Lim won America’s Got Talent?

Shin Lim won the famous American competition show twice.