Australian Bee Gees Seating Chart

The Australian Bee Gees revives the classic music hits of the Gibb Brothers. The impersonators do an excellent job recreating the voices of the band members as they sing hit songs like “How Deep is Your Love,” “You Should Be Dancing,” and the forever classic “Staying Alive.”

The Australian Bee Gees have brought their performances to over 40 countries and 1 million people. Now you can see them at the Thunderland of the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a 70-minute show filled with stunning multimedia graphics on large screens and advanced sound systems to ensure you hear everything perfectly.

Australian Bee Gees Las Vegas Seating Chart

Australian Bee Gees Seating Chart

The Australian Bee Gees seating chart features four primary sections: the Rear Section, VIP Section, Zone Section, and Preferred Section. The shape of the showroom is a little unusual and irregular. You’ll understand that once you learn about these sections.

The Rear Section exists on the right and left sides of the showroom at an angled position. It means you will be far from the center stage while viewing it at an angle.

The Preferred Section puts you a little bit closer to the stage. However, most of the Preferred seats still exist on the sides of the showroom at an angled position. But there is one row in the rear center of the showroom more aligned with the stage. It is still far from the stage, though.

The VIP Section puts you in the center of the showroom in line with the stage. Some of the seats in this section also come with tables too.

The Zone Section are the rows of seats closest to the stage. This section is actually in front of the VIP section, but fewer seats are available. The most affordable seats on the Australian Bee Gees seating chart are $39 and up. The $39 seats are in the Preferred Section. These seats usually cost $65, but they are currently at a discount for the time being. The other prices are $53 for Rear Section seats, $76 for VIP Section seats, and $87 for Zone Section seats.

What are The Best Seats for Australian Bee Gees?

The best seats on the Australian Bee Gees Excalibur seating chart are in the Zone section. These seats put you closest to the center stage, where the Bee Gees impersonators will sing their hearts out. But even if you don’t find any Zone seating available, you could also settle for VIP seating and still have a close enough viewing experience.

How Many Seats are In The Australian Bee Gees Theater?

The Australian Bee Gees has approximately 400 seats in the Thunderland Theater of the Excalibur Hotel.