Awakening Theater At Wynn Seating Chart

The Awakening Las Vegas seating chart outlines circular seating arrangements at the Awakening Theater of the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. It is a 360-degree theater with seats surrounding the circular stage in the center. There are six different seating categories and five sections around the stage.

Awakening Theater Seating Chart

Awakening Theater At Wynn Seating Chart

The Awakening seating chart indicates the six seating categories are labeled as Category A, Category B, Category C, Category D, Category E, and Category F. The categories are broken into five sections: Premium, Dream, Grandview, Golden Circle, and Poolside. Most of the categories have the same sections in them. 

The difference between the sections is their distance from the center stage. According to the Awakening show seating chart, the Premium and Dream sections are the furthest distance from the center stage. Next, you have the Grandview section, which contains the most seat rows in each category. Grandview seating will be the easiest to secure because there are many seats in this category.

The best seating sections on the Awakening Las Vegas show seating chart are the Golden Circle and Poolside sections. The Golden Circle seats are in the front rows of the categories. The Poolside section gives you seats directly next to the Aqua Stage, giving you close-up views of the performers and their incredible stunts. Most people with high seat standards will want the Poolside seats but will settle for the Golden Circle seats if needed.

In addition, all the categories and sections have lettered row labels for the seating. Row A is the closest to the Aqua Stage, while Row L is the last row in the theater’s rear. As a result, there are a total of 12 seat rows in each category of the theater. And if you’re a disabled individual, Row L has at least two or three designated handicapped seats in every section. Those seats offer extra space and features to accommodate your disability needs.

What are The Best Seats For Awakening?

The best seats for the Awakening Las Vegas show are located in the Golden Circle and Poolside seat sections of all the categories. We recommend you reserve your tickets in advance for these seats because there aren’t too many available per show. There is a high demand for Poolside seating because it puts you close to where all the action is on stage.

How Many Seats are In The Awakening Theater?

There are a whopping 1,600 seats available to reserve in the Awakening Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. Most of the seats are in the Grandview section of the categories. The furthest seats from the stage are in Row L and are approximately 75 feet away from the center stage. That should give you an idea of the size of the categories and sections at the Awakening Theater.