Barry Manilow At Westgate Seating Chart

Barry Manilow is considered musical royalty in Las Vegas. He may be a born New Yorker, but he knows how to entertain a crowd anywhere. For the last 50 years, Manilow has produced 40 hit songs, numerous multi-platinum music albums and generated over $85 million for the sales of his albums. You can see Manilow perform live at the International Showroom of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel.

Barry Manilow At Westgate Theater Seating Chart

Barry Manilow At Westgate Seating Chart

The Barry Manilow seating chart indicates the International Showroom has a total capacity of 1,600 seats. It is a pretty large auditorium with fantastic lighting and a highly innovative sound system. Many legendary performances have occurred in this showroom. It has become a landmark in Las Vegas.

The International Showroom consists of 9 sections total. The first three sections are categorized as the Front Orchestra. They are the closest sections to the main stage where Manilow performs. Behind Front Orchestra is the Rear Orchestra, consisting of Section 4 and Section 5. They are right behind the rear main floor but in front of the balconies.

The Balcony sections consist of Section 6, Section 7, Section 8, and Section 9.  They are the farthest sections away from the stage, putting them way in the back of the showroom. The balcony seats will give you an elevated view of the stage, but you’ll still be far away from it.

The cheapest seats on the Barry Manilow seating chart are $86 and up. The Balcony sections are where you will find the $86 seats. They will put you the farthest from the stage, but at least you can see a broader range of everything that happens on it.

Rear Orchestra seats will cost you $108. These seats are in the rear middle of the showroom, behind the front middle seats. If you’d rather sit in the front seats of the Front Orchestra sections, it will cost you around $120.

What are The Best Seats for Barry Manilow?

The best seats on the Barry Manilow seating chart are found in Section 1, Section 2, and Section 3. If you want to sit directly in front of Manilow, book a seat in row A of the Front Orchestra. It is the closest row to the main stage and will allow you to see his talent up close.

How Many Seats are In The Barry Manilow Theater?

Barry Manilow has 1,600 seats in the International Showroom of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort Hotel.