Blue Man Group Dress Code

Blue Man Group Show
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Would a strict dress code exist to see performers with blue skin and dark uniforms? No, you don’t need to worry about the Blue Man Group dress code when visiting the Luxor Hotel to see them at the Blue Man Theater. Guests can feel free to wear casual attire when attending the show.

It is recommended to wear casual clothing to the Blue Man Group show. Most guests wear shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and various forms of business casual attire. However, you may also see people wearing dresses, suits, and ties to the theater. Casual or formal attire will be acceptable to satisfy the Blue Man Group Las Vegas dress code. It is not a strict dress code at all.

Rather than think about the Luxor Blue Man Group dress code, think about the dress codes of other places you’ll visit in Las Vegas during your trip. Do they have formal dress codes? If so, you may want to wear formal attire to the Blue Man Group show and all other shows and events for the sake of convenience.

Of course, the dress code for Blue Man Group encourages people to wear comfortable clothing. That is the most important thing because the show is 105 minutes long, so you’ll be in the theater a while.