Blue Man Group At Luxor Seating Chart

The Blue Man Group has been a fan favorite for over 20 years. They are a team of blue brothers who know how to make people laugh without uttering a word. Their movements and makeshift instruments alone are enough to keep audiences entertained for over 100 minutes.

Blue Man Group Las Vegas Seating Chart

Blue Man Group At Luxor Seating Chart

The Blue Man Group can be seen at the Blue Man Theater of the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Six sections and three categories make up the seats on the Blue Man Group Luxor seating chart. Its total seat capacity is 830 seats.

The first two sections are 102 and 103. The Blue Man Group Las Vegas seating chart shows that sections 102 and 103 offer the closest seats to the stage. Behind these two sections are sections 201, 202, 203, and 204. They may be farther away from the stage, but they offer the most affordable seating accommodations.

The sections are split into three categories too. Category A represents the seats in the middle and front of the theater. It is the biggest category with the most seats available. Category C indicates the seats toward the back and farther to the left and right sides. Category D represents the seats farthest in the back of the theater. There is no Category B for some reason.

The cheapest tickets on the Luxor Blue Man Group seating chart are $68 and up. Tickets in the $68 price range will get you seats in Category D, which are the seats way in the back of the theater. But if you want to sit near the front or middle in Category A, the cost is between $110 and $130. Category C prices are about $80.

What are The Best Seats for Blue Man Group?

The best seats for Blue Man Group are called the poncho seats. These are the closest rows of seats to the stage, and they require guests to wear ponchos because of all the water splashing from the performers. If you don’t mind sitting in the heart of the action with water splashing onto you, then you would consider these the best seats.

Of course, you can sit anywhere in Sections 102 and 103 and still be close to the stage without getting splashed. However, try to sit in seats in Category A to get the best views of the stage. These seats will cost you more money, but they are worth it because they are the best seats on the Blue Man Group seating chart.

How Many Seats are In The Blue Man Group Theater?

The Blue Man Group has approximately 830 seats in the Blue Man Theater of the Luxor Hotel.