Carrot Top Dress Code

Carrot Top Show
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Carrot Top is the orange-haired comedian who has entertained people in Las Vegas for decades. In fact, he was voted the “Best Male Stand-up Comedian” in Vegas. So you would be wise to check out his show at the Atrium Showroom of the Luxor Hotel. But first, you should learn more about the dress code for Carrot Top at Luxor.

There are no strict regulations regarding the dress code for the Carrot Top Show. However, no guests are permitted to wear cut-off shorts, swimwear, or anything else deemed inappropriate. Of course, you can wear standard shorts and t-shirts, but nothing too revealing of your body.

The Carrot Top dress code lets you get away with wearing most types of casual attire. You’ll find the average person wears jeans and t-shirts. But if you feel compelled to wear formal clothing like dresses or suits and ties, you can do that too. Guests have the freedom to wear pretty much whatever they want.