Carrot Top At Luxor Seating Chart

Carrot Top is a recognizable figure in the world of comedy and entertainment. He has made quite a name for himself in Las Vegas as a prop comedian. Audiences love to see all of his fascinating inventions and the humor that goes along with them. His jokes and bizarreness have made him a household name for decades. You can see his comedy act at the Atrium Showroom of the Luxor Hotel.

Carrot Top Las Vegas Seating Chart

Carrot Top At Luxor Seating Chart

The Luxor Carrot Top seating chart shows that the Atrium Showroom has approximately 363 seats, spread out over 13 rows. The rows are divided into four sections, and each row is assigned a letter from A to M. This Carrot Top seating chart is pretty straightforward to read and navigate.

Section 1 consists of the first four rows closest to the stage. The following section, Section 2, consists of the next seven rows behind Section 1. These are the rows that are primarily in the middle of the Atrium Showroom. Section 3 and Section 4 consist of the last two rows in the back of the showroom. Section 3 is the second to last row, while Section 4 is the final row.

The cheapest seats on the Carrot Top Las Vegas seating chart of the Atrium Showroom are $53 and up. The $53 seats are in Section 4, which is the last row in the showroom. If you pay around $60, you can get a seat in Section 3, just in front of Section 4. But we recommend you spend at least $70 for a seat in Section 2. You’ll have a lot more seat choices available because there are seven rows in this section.

Do you prefer a seat in the front rows of Section 1? You can pay around $75 to land a seat in this section. Section 1 on the Luxor Carrot Top seating chart is the most popular choice, which is why tickets for these seats sell quickly. They’ll put you right next to Carrot Top and all his wacky inventions. How cool is that?

What are The Best Seats for Carrot Top?

The best seats on the Carrot Top seating chart are in Section 1. If you can get a seat in row A of Section 1, it will put you directly in front of Carrot Top and the stage. He may even see you in the audience and make comments toward you if you’re lucky.

How Many Seats are In The Carrot Top Theater?

Carrot Top has approximately 363 seats in the Atrium Showroom of the Luxor Hotel.