Criss Angel MINDFREAK Dress Code

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Show
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Criss Angel Mindfreak at Planet Hollywood features over 50 classic illusions from the master magician, Criss Angel. The show is performed in the Criss Angel Theater at the Planet Hollywood Hotel, which has virtually no Criss Angel show dress code whatsoever.

People can wear casual or formal clothing when attending the Criss Angel show. For example, you might see women wearing everything from pants and sneakers to skirts and Louboutins. The men could be wearing suits and ties or t-shirts and jeans too. So don’t stress yourself over the Criss Angel Las Vegas dress code because it is non-existent.

The 90-minute show is a magical experience filled with illusions and sophisticated audio and visual effects. No one in the theater will care about what anyone else is wearing. Therefore, enjoy your time at Criss Angel Mindfreak and ignore your Criss Angel dress code concerns.