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Donny Osmond Show

Donny Osmond Las Vegas tickets are available for seating at the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas. Anyone who remembers the Osmond family from the 1970s will know the name, Donny Osmond. He is a legendary singer and performer who used to perform a hit Las Vegas show with his sister Marie Osmond for over a decade.

Now the award-winning performer does a solo act at Harrah’s Showroom for his new and devoted fans. There is no minimum age requirement to attend the show, so feel free to bring your friends and family to this exciting event.

Donny Osmond Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Donny Osmond Vegas tickets is 8:00 PM on Tuesdays through Saturdays. No performances are scheduled for Sundays and Mondays, but that is subject to change at any time. So you still get many dates to choose from each week, the most popular being Fridays and Saturdays. But if you want a more laid-back time to attend the Donny Osmond show, you could try to reserve a seat on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.

Of course, the demand for Donny Osmond tickets is predominately high each week. That is why you should book your tickets at least one month in advance to ensure you get a seat reserved on a date most convenient for you and your travel plans. Then you don’t have to worry about booking a seat at the last minute while hoping your preferred one will be available.

Donny Osmond Ticket Prices

The Donny Osmond show has five seating sections in the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel: Rear Theater, Mid Theater, Accessible, Front Orchestra & Booths, and VIP. The Harrah’s Showroom has a total seat capacity of approximately 544 seats. This low seat capacity makes it a rather intimate showroom with relatively close views of the center stage from any seat available.

Let’s explore the five main sections in more detail below:

Rear Theater

The Rear Theater section has seating in the far rear of the Harrah’s Showroom. These are the most distant seats from the center stage but still offer the most affordable ticket prices. That is why the minimum price for Donny Osmond show Las Vegas tickets in the Rear Theater section is $62. Don’t worry, though, because the small size of the showroom will still give you a decent view of Donny Osmond on stage. So it is worth spending the $62 on a ticket in the Rear Section if that’s the only ticket available.

Mid Theater

The Mid Theater section has seating in front of the Rear Theater section and behind the Front Orchestra & Booths section. Mid Theater offers a comfortable balance of reasonable pricing and seating, especially since some of the Mid Theater seats are intermingled in the same rows as the Front Orchestra seats. So you might be able to find a seat near the front if you look hard enough. The minimum price for Donny Osmond Harrah’s tickets in the Mid Theater section is $82.


The Accessible section has a limited number of seats at the front of the Harrah’s Showroom. It is intermingled with the Front Orchestra & Booths section and makes special accommodations for guests who have physical disabilities and need extra space. The minimum price for Donny Osmond Vegas show tickets in the Accessible section is $111, which is about the same price as the Front Orchestra & Booths section seating.

Front Orchestra & Booths

The Front Orchestra & Booths section has seating in the middle and front of the Harrah’s Showroom. You’ll find a mixture of both seats and booths available to reserve in this section. The minimum price for Donny Osmond show tickets in the Front Orchestra & Booths section is $111, although the booths will probably cost a little more if the demand for them is high. But it is worth paying a little extra for the booth because it gives you a private space to watch Donny Osmond perform.


The VIP section has the most desirable seating in the theater because it is positioned directly in front of the center stage. It is not a very big section, but it gives you an up close and personal view of Donny Osmond in all his glory. The minimum price for Donny Osmond VIP tickets in the VIP section is $130 and up.

The prices of tickets tend to change frequently based on availability and demand. However, you can expect to pay more than $50 for the cheapest ticket in most cases. Donny Osmond is a celebrity performer with a large fan base, which is why the demand for his shows is higher than your average Vegas performer. Book your tickets in advance to ensure you get a desirable seat on the date you want to attend the show.

FAQs About Donny Osmond Las Vegas Show

Donny Osmond’s show is about 90 minutes long at the Harrah’s Hotel.

Donny Osmond previously performed with his sister, Marie Osmond, at the Flamingo Hotel between 2008 and 2019. Two years after the show ended, Donny Osmond started a solo act at the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas.

Donny Osmond’s Harrah’s Las Vegas shows are still performed at the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel. The current showtimes are 7:30 PM Tuesday through Saturday.

There is no Donny Osmond dress code you need to worry about following. Just wear something casual to the show, such as a t-shirt and jeans. The important thing is to dress comfortably.

The best seats on the Donny Osmond seating chart are in the VIP seating section, which is the closest section to the center stage. It has the most desirable seating available because it offers an up close and personalized view of Donny Osmond while he is on stage. So anyone Donny Osmond fan should look for VIP tickets before they sell out quickly.

The minimum price of Donny Osmond Las Vegas tickets is $50 and up. But if you want to sit closer to the center stage, you can pay upwards of $145 for better seating in the Harrah’s Showroom.

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