Donny Osmond at Harrah’s Seating Chart

The Donny Osmond Las Vegas seating chart outlines the seating arrangements for the Donny Osmond show at the Harrah’s Showroom of the Harrah’s Hotel in Las Vegas. The Harrah’s Showroom has a seating capacity of approximately 544 seats, making it a rather intimate showroom for guests.  

Donny Osmond Las Vegas Seating Chart

Donny Osmond at Harrah's Seating Chart

According to the Donny Osmond Vegas seating chart, Harrah’s Showroom has five primary seating sections. Those sections are Rear Theater, Mid Theater, Accessible, Front Orchestra & Booths, and VIP. Most people who want to see the Donny Osmond Las Vegas show will look for seating in the Rear Theater or Mid Theater areas because they offer the lowest ticket prices. If you don’t mind sitting further away from the center stage, perhaps sitting in one of these two sections would be suitable for you too.

Would you rather sit closer to the center stage? The Donny Osmond seating chart indicates that Front Orchestra & Booths and VIP are closer to the center stage. Front Orchestra & Booths is behind the VIP section but offers private booths for more discreet viewing. But if you want to sit as close as possible to the center stage, the VIP section will always be the best choice.

In addition, people with disabilities can reserve tickets for seats in the Accessible section. It has a limited number of designated seats intermingled with the Front Orchestra & Booth section and is reserved for guests needing extra assistance.

What are The Best Seats for Donny Osmond?

The best seats on the Donny Osmond seating chart are in the VIP seating section, which is the closest section to the center stage. It has the most desirable seating available because it offers an up close and personalized view of Donny Osmond while he is on stage. So anyone Donny Osmond fan should look for VIP tickets before they sell out quickly.

How Many Seats are In The Donny Osmond Theater?

The Donny Osmond Vegas seating chart indicates approximately 544 seats exist in Harrah’s Showroom. The low seat capacity should prompt you to purchase your seat tickets well in advance for the date and time you wish to attend. Due to the high demand for Donny Osmond tickets, you must reserve your tickets as soon as possible.