Flamingo Showroom Seating Chart

Flamingo Showroom Seating Chart

The Flamingo theater seating chart displays three categories for the Flamingo Showroom: Standard, Tables, and VIP. The differences should be self-explanatory because they represent basic seating, seating with tables, and seating close to the center stage.

The Standard category contains most of the seating in the theater because it represents most of the rear and middle seating on the Flamingo Showroom seating chart. You won’t necessarily get table accommodations, but you can still have a good time watching the show from the Standard category area.

The Tables category contains seats with tables on the Flamingo Las Vegas theater seating chart. You’ll also find table seating in the front and rear of the Flamingo Showroom. The seats in the Tables category are priced about the same as in the Standard category because they have a similar distance from the stage.

If you want the best Flamingo Showroom seating view, you’ll want to book your tickets for seats in the VIP category. The VIP seats are located at the front of the Flamingo Showroom, which are the seats closest to the center stage. Some of the seats even include a private booth for ultimate viewing.

There is plenty of Flamingo Showroom Las Vegas seating because the total seat capacity is about 700 seats in the Flamingo Showroom. Some seats are on the floor level, while others are on the balcony. The Flamingo Las Vegas seating chart gives you a complete outline of all the seats, tables, and booths available in the showroom.

The Flamingo Las Vegas showroom seating chart indicates the best seats are in the VIP section. Not only are VIP seats the closest to the center stage, but some of them even come with a booth or table. If you can afford to pay extra for VIP seating, you should take advantage of it while seats are still available

The Flamingo Hotel does not impose a strict dress code at the Flamingo Showroom. You can wear casual clothing or formal attire if it makes you comfortable. No one is going to hassle you about it either way.

Piff the Magic Dragon is one of the best Flamingo Las Vegas shows performing at the Flamingo Showroom. Piff is a costumed character with a Chihuahua for a sidekick. They perform comedy and magic together for live audiences at the Flamingo Showroom. It is a great comedy magic act that you should definitely watch anytime you visit Las Vegas.

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