Golden Nugget Showroom Seating Chart

Golden Nugget Theater Seating Chart

The Golden Nugget theater seating chart shows two categories: Regular and VIP. Each category contains two sections of its own.

The VIP category contains Section AR and Section AL, which are the theater’s front right and left sides on the Golden Nugget showroom seating chart. These are the two closest sections to the center stage. The VIP category also has horizontal rows labeled A through F. Row A is the closest row to the center stage without any rows or other obstructions in the view path.

The Regular category contains Section BR and Section BL, which are the theater’s rear right and left sides on the Golden Nugget Las Vegas showroom seating chart. These are the two farthest sections from the center stage, but they offer more rows of seats. It features horizontal rows labeled G through T. Row G is the closest to the VIP category, while Row T is the last row in the back.

Guests with disabilities can access the show from the paths in front of the BR and BL sections or the AR and AL sections. There are designated handicap signs to indicate disability access for guests who need extra assistance.

The Golden Nugget seating chart shows approximately 600 seats in the showroom. So it is a decent-sized showroom that is not too big or small. But it is large enough to have numerous seating options for each date and time of a show.

The best seats on the Golden Theater seating chart are in Section AR and Section AL of the VIP category. If you can secure a seat in Row A of either section, you’ll have a front row seat to the show without any other seats or rows in your path. Of course, these are the most in-demand seats in the showroom because everyone wants to sit in the front row. But if you can book your tickets in advance, you can secure this seating for yourself and anyone else attending with you.

The Golden Nugget Hotel has no particular dress code enforced upon guests at the Golden Nugget Showroom. That means you can wear whatever clothing makes you comfortable, whether a t-shirt and jeans or a dress shirt and dress pants. But you can also choose to dress formally by wearing a suit & tie or pantsuit if you prefer. It is all up to you.

Gordie Brown is one of the best Golden Nugget Las Vegas shows at the Golden Nugget Showroom. The man himself is a multi-talented performer who can do celebrity impersonations, comedy, singing, and more. No matter where you sit in the Golden Nugget Showroom, you’ll have a spectacular time.

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