Hypnosis Unleashed Seating Chart

Kevin Lepine is a certified hypnotherapist who uses his skills to entertain and amaze audiences. He combines his training with a unique style of comedy that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine is not a family show for kids, so get ready for some adult humor. But if you like comedians who interact with their audience members, then get prepared for Lepine’s wit because he may choose you to become part of his act.

Hypnosis Unleashed Seating Chart

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine Seating Chart

Hypnosis Unleashed Starring Kevin Lepine is available at the Canyon Club of the Four Queens Hotel in Las Vegas. The Kevin Lepine seating chart for the Canyon Club shows a total seat capacity of about 250 seats. So, it is a relatively small showroom which creates a more intimate setting for Lepine to interact with his audience.

There are two primary seating categories at the Canyon Club: General Admission and VIP Seating. General Admission seats are positioned in the rear half of the room. Guests who purchase General Admission tickets will receive access to free digital video and an MP3 download of Lepine’s hypnosis and relaxation demonstration. There will also be a 4×6 photograph of the show for you to take home as well.

The VIP Seating is positioned in the front half of the room, which is directly in front of the center stage. VIP guests can take advantage of the VIP Line pass opportunity, so you don’t have to wait in the long line for the General Admission section. You will also be treated to one soda, one domestic beer, a 4×6 photograph of the show, and a free digital video and MP3 download of Lepine’s hypnosis demonstration.

The most affordable seats on the Kevin Lepine seating chart are $27 and up. The $27 seats are in the General Admission section behind the VIP Seating section. They put you farther from the stage, but the cost of the tickets is significantly cheaper. Of course, if you would rather be in the VIP section near the center stage, it will cost you $43.

What are The Best Seats for Kevin Lepine?

The best seats on the Kevin Lepine Las Vegas seating chart are in the VIP Seating section. Not only will you get to see Kevin Lepine up close, but you may be fortunate enough to become part of his act as well. Maybe he’ll choose to hypnotize you in a non-embarrassing way.

How Many Seats are In The Kevin Lepine Theater?

The Kevin Lepine show has about 250 seats in the Four Queens Hotel Canyon Club.