Mac King Comedy Magic Show Seating Chart

Mac King was named “Magician of the Year” for a reason. He has some of the most original sleight-of-hand tricks that you’ve ever seen before. Not only that, but he does incredible things with shadow puppets and the animals he brings out on stage. If you sit close to the main stage, King may even call on you to interact with him and become part of his magic act.

You can see Mac King’s 70-minute comedy magic show at the Thunderland Showroom of the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas.

Mac King Las Vegas Seating Chart

Mac King Comedy Magic Show Seating Chart

The Mac King show seating chart for the Thunderland Showroom indicates two main sections: General Admission and VIP. The General Admission section features the seats on the rear and sides of the showroom. The rear seats are aligned with the main stage, but they are still farther away than the VIP seats. The front rows of the side areas could give you a side-angle view of the stage up close. You may even find a low price for these seats too.

The VIP section features the seats in the middle and front of the showroom. These seats are closer to the main stage, so you’ll get to see Mac King and his animals in all their glory.

The cheapest seats on the Mac King Las Vegas seating chart are $29 and up. The $29 seats are found in the General Admission section farther away from the stage. But if you can spend $10 more, you could get a seat in the VIP section for $39. Since the price difference is not significant, most people would prefer to pay $39 for VIP seats if they are available.

What are The Best Seats for Mac King?

The best seats on the Mac King seating chart are in the VIP section. Try to find seats in any of the seven vertical rows directly in front of the stage. Then you’ll have the closest seating to the stage where Mac King performs.

Alternatively, you could purchase tickets for seats in the rear of the General Admission section. They are not as close to the stage as the VIP seats, but you can still get a frontal view of the stage from a distance at a lower price.

How Many Seats are In The Mac King Theater?

Mac King has 425 seats in the Thunderland Showroom of the Excalibur Hotel.