Mat Franco At The Linq Seating Chart

Mat Franco made a name for himself on the hit NBC reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” It allowed him to demonstrate his magic skills to the entire world. Now his magic show headlines at the LINQ Hotel in the Mat Franco Theater.

His 80-minute show is a series of mind-boggling tricks that’ll make you wonder how he did them. He’ll even teach the audience how to do one of his tricks, which is something that most magicians would never do. So come check out the Mat Franco – Magic Reinvented Nightly show because it is one of the best magic shows in Las Vegas.

Mat Franco Theater Seating Chart

Mat Franco At The Linq Seating Chart

The Mat Franco Reinvented seating chart for the Mat Franco Theater shows a total capacity of 575 seats. The theater was recently renovated with new and improved seating options. There are now four unique seating sections: Rear Table, Reserved, Preferred, and Premium.

The Premium section puts you directly in front of the center stage. It gives you the greatest views of Mat Franco and his incredible magic tricks. Behind the Premium section is the Preferred section, which puts you more toward the middle of the theater. The Preferred section still gives you a broad view of the stage. The only difference is you won’t be as close to the stage.

The Reserved and Rear Table sections are the furthest from the main stage. The Rear Table section is the last row of seats way in the back of the theater. However, the Reserved section is in front of the Rear Table section, making it slightly closer to the stage. There are 36 seats in the Rear Table section and 89 seats in the Reserved section.

The cheapest seats on the Mat Franco Theater seating chart are $50 and up. The $50 seats are in the Rear Table section way in the back of the theater. But if you pay $60, you can get seats in the Reserved section. The other prices include $82 for Preferred seats and $121 for Premium seats. So, there is a significant price difference for seats in the various sections.

What are The Best Seats for Mat Franco?

The best seats on the Mat Franco seating chart are the seats in the Premium section. They give you the closest views of the main stage and the performers on it. But there are only 192 seats in the Premium section, so you have to act fast to get them.

How Many Seats are In The Mat Franco Theater?

The Mat Franco show has 575 seats in the Mat Franco Theater of the LINQ Hotel.