Mike Hammer At Four Queens Seating Chart

Mike Hammer has been performing comedy and magic routines for over 25 years. He is considered the master of comeback jokes and audience improvisation. You’ll get to witness his impressive mind-reading abilities and the dangerous act of swallowing a double-edged razor blade. If you’re lucky, you might get called upon to participate in his magic act by letting him read your mind. You can see Mike Hammer Comedy Magic at the Canyon Club of the Four Queens Resort in Las Vegas.

Mike Hammer Las Vegas Seating Chart

Mike Hammer At Four Queens Seating Chart

The Mike Hammer seating chart for the Canyon Club has a basic layout consisting of a General Admission Seating section and a VIP Seating section. The entire club is a pretty small theater with a total seating capacity of about 250 seats. It is often used for other events, such as cocktail parties and various live entertainment shows.

When you look for tickets to see Mike Hammer at the Canyon Club, you will find many more seats available in the General Admission Seating section. It consists of two adjacent seating units in the back of the VIP Seating section.

The VIP Seating section gives you access to seats at tables. Not only are the VIP seats closer to the main stage, but you also get complimentary soda and beer as well. Just imagine sipping on a tasty beverage at a table as you watch Mike Hammer’s fantastic magic and humor.

The lowest-priced seats on the Mike Hammer seating chart are $27 and up. The $27 seats are in the General Admission Seating section of the club.  Some of these seats are closer to the stage than others, so you’ll have to look hard for seats in the front rows of this section. But if you don’t mind paying $42, you can sit in the VIP Seating section and enjoy a complimentary drink as you watch Mike Hammer up close.

What are The Best Seats for Mike Hammer?

The best seats on the Mike Hammer Las Vegas seating chart are in the VIP Seating section. The VIP seats include one free soda and put you close to the center stage. In addition, you may have the opportunity to interact with Mike Hammer and become part of his mind-reading act. So, there are many advantages to choosing a seat in the VIP Seating section of the club.

How Many Seats are In The Mike Hammer Theater?

Mike Hammer has only 250 seats in the Four Queens Hotel Canyon Club.