Mirage Theater Seating Chart

Mirage Theater Seating Chart

The Mirage theater seating chart displays three vertical seating sections in the Mirage Theater: Section 101, Section 102, and Section 103. All the sections share the same row labels on the Mirage Las Vegas seating chart. So it is easy to find the proper seating in the theater.

The vertical sections are broken down further into three horizontal seating categories on the Mirage Las Vegas theater seating chart. The categories include Category C, Category B, and Category A. Each category is at a different distance from the center stage, offering a unique Mirage theater seating view.

The Mirage hotel theater seating chart shows that Category C is the farthest from the center stage because it consists of the seating in the rear of the Mirage Theater. Category B consists of numerous seat rows in the back and middle of the theater. It offers more seating options than any other category.

As for Category A, it is a smaller category in the front center of the Mirage Theater. It offers the closest and most aligned views of the center stage. However, the most expensive seats are in Category A because of their unique position in the theater and the fact that fewer seats are available in this category.

The sections begin with Row AA directly in front of the center stage on the Mirage seating chart. Behind it are Rows BB through LL, which make up the majority of Category C. After that, the rows are labeled A through O throughout the remaining two categories on the Mirage theater Las Vegas seating chart.

The Mirage Las Vegas show seating chart indicates approximately 1,265 seats are available to reserve in the Mirage theater. That is the maximum seat capacity for each show held in the theater.

The best seats at the Mirage theatre are in Row AA of Category A in Section 102. Due to the limited number of seats in this category and section, it would be a good idea to reserve your tickets in advance to secure your desired seating.

The Mirage hotel has no formal dress code set for guests of the Mirage theater. Casual attire is acceptable for anyone attending shows at the Mirage theater, such as jeans and t-shirts. Of course, if you prefer to wear formal clothing like suits and ties, you can wear them too. The important thing is to have fun and dress comfortably.

The best show in the Mirage hotel at Mirage theater is Shin Lim’s “LIMITLESS”. This show offers a unique and mesmerizing experience of close-up magic, redefining the genre with high production value and captivating performances that leave the audience in awe.

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