Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Seating Chart

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic has been one of the most popular shows on the Las Vegas Strip for about 20 years now. It is a spectacular magic show filled with mind-boggling illusions, magic tricks, hilarious comedy, and gorgeous showgirls. The star of the show, Nathan Burton, has appeared on television shows like “The World’s Wildest Magic,” “The Entertainer,” “America’s Got Talent,” and “The Ultimate Las Vegas Showgirl Challenge.” You can see his illusions in person at the V Theater of the Miracle Mile Shops of Planet Hollywood.

Nathan Burton at Planet Hollywood Seating Chart

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show Seating Chart

The Nathan Burton seating chart for the V Theater reveals two primary sections: the VIP Section and the General Admission Section.

The General Admission Section has approximately 132 seats available, making it smaller compared to the VIP Section. You won’t find any wheelchair-access accommodations like you can in the VIP section. However, you can still get a nice view of the stage if you sit in one of the front rows of this section. Otherwise, it will be difficult to see the stage if you’re in one of the rear rows.

The VIP Section has a few hundred seats available, making it a bigger section than the General Admission Section. It provides comfortable seating with clear and direct views of the center stage. There are no obstructions in the way of your view when you sit in the VIP Section. Wheelchair access is available too.

The most affordable seats on the Nathan Burton Vegas seating chart are priced at $20 and up. The $20 seats are found in the rear of the General Admission section. These are the last rows in the back of the theater, far away from the main stage. But if you pay $10 more, you can get a much closer seat for $30 in the Reserved Area of the General Admission section.

Do you want to be even closer to the stage? The standard VIP seats cost $40, and the front floor VIP seats cost $50. The front floor seats put you in rows A, B, or C near the center stage.

What are The Best Seats for Nathan Burton?

The best seats on the Nathan Burton Vegas seating chart are in rows A, B, and C of the VIP section. These are the seats closest to the main stage where Nathan Burton performs his magic and comedy. But if you happen to get a seat in a different row of the VIP section, you’ll still be able to see the stage clearly. You just won’t be as close to the stage as you would be in those other rows.

How Many Seats are In The Nathan Burton Theater?

Nathan Burton has approximately 500 seats in the V Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.