Popovich Comedy Pet Theater Seating Chart

Gregory Popovich’s Comedy Pet Theater is a fantastic comedy show for pet lovers. You’ll get to see some of the cutest dogs, cats, and other animals that you’ve ever seen before. The best part is that the show is located on the Las Vegas Strip at the V Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel. When you sit down for this 60-minute show, you’ll get to see over 30 different cute pets assisting Popovich as he performs circus acts for your enjoyment.

Popovich Comedy Pet Seating Chart

Popovich Comedy Pet Seating Chart

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater seating chart features two distinct categories of seats: General Admission and VIP.

The VIP seats are in the rear center, middle center, and front floor of the V Theater. These are the seats that face the direction of the main stage. The rear center is the farthest from the stage, with rows toward the back of the theater. The middle center features rows of seats which are actually in the middle of the entire theater. Finally, the front floor features rows of seats closer to the center stage and the performers.

The cheapest seats on the Popovich Pet show seating chart are $29 and up. You can find these seats available in the General Admission rear side section of the V Theater. They provide a far side-angle view of the stage, but the price is definitely affordable for most travelers. But you don’t have to pay too much more to get better seats.

  • General Admission Front Side: $35
  • VIP Rear Center: $39
  • VIP Middle Center: $44
  • VIP Front Floor: $49

What are The Best Seats for Popovich Pet?

The best seats on the Popovich Pet seating chart are the VIP front floor seats. These are seats that will put you close to the performers on stage. You’ll get a clear view of Popovich and all his wonderfully talented pets. Anyone who loves animals should seriously consider getting seats in the VIP front floor section. It is worth the small amount of extra money you have to pay to get those seats.

How Many Seats are In The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater?

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater has approximately 500 seats in the V Theater of the Planet Hollywood Resort Hotel.