Potted Potter Dress Code

Potted Potter Show
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Harry Potter fans won’t want to miss the Potted Potter show in Las Vegas. It gives you a brilliant and funny recap of all seven Harry Potter books in a single 70-minute show. Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner host this comedy show using costumes, ridiculous props, and a fire-breathing dragon to tell the Harry Potter stories at the Magic Attic of the Bally’s Hotel. No Potted Potter Las Vegas dress code exists at the hotel.

Everyone has heard of the Harry Potter series through its books or movies. The Potted Potter show spends about 10 minutes explaining each book with jokes and reenactments. There is no Potted Potter Las Vegas dress code because it is a family environment for attendees as young as six years old. Guests are expected to have a good time and remain comfortable without worrying about a strict dress code for Potted Potter.

Therefore, feel free to wear casual clothing to satisfy the Potted Potter dress code. But no one will hold it against you if you wear formal attire. Both are acceptable at the Magic Attic.