Potted Potter At Bally’s Seating Chart

Numerous Harry Potter books and movies have been released over the last 20 years. If you like the Harry Potter characters and stories, you will love the Potted Potter show at the Magic Attic in the Bally’s Hotel. The characters of the show attempt to recreate the stories of all seven Harry Potter books in just 70 minutes. They apply humor and creativity to their storytelling with the assistance of hilarious props and costumes. You may even see a fire-breathing dragon at some point.

Potted Potter Las Vegas Seating Chart

Potted Potter At Bally's Seating Chart

The Potted Potter seating chart for the Magic Attic consists of three different sections: Platinum, Gold, and Bronze. The closest seats to the center stage are located in the Platinum section. It is sometimes referred to as the VIP section. These seats cost the most amount of money because of their short range from the stage.

The Gold section is behind the Platinum section. Its seats will give you a broader perspective of the center stage while still close enough to see the performers clearly. Most people want seats in the Gold section because they offer reasonable seating arrangements at affordable prices.

The Bronze section is behind the Gold section. Its seats are on the left and right sides of the Magic Attic, which means the center stage is not directly in front of them. But the upside is that you’ll pay less money for the Bronze seats.

The seats on the Bally’s Las Vegas Potted Potter seating chart are $39 and up. The $39 seats are the ones in the Bronze section. You will see the stage at an angle, but at least you’ll end up paying $10 to $20 less than the seats in the other sections.

Gold seats cost around $49 each. This section aligns its seats with the stage, but they are still far from it. If you want to get closer, you should pay $59 for Platinum seats near the stage. Some people don’t mind paying an extra $20 to get close to the action. After all, how often do you get to come to Vegas? You mine as well splurge while you’re there, right?

What are The Best Seats for Potted Potter?

The best seats on the Potted Potter seating chart are in the Platinum section. Since these seats position you near the center stage, it gives you the best views of the stage performers in action. The Platinum section has several seats available, but they get reserved fast.

How Many Seats are In The Potted Potter Theater?

The Potted Potter show has 300 seats in the Magic Attic of the Bally’s Hotel.