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Rich Little Tickets

Rich Little Show

Rich Little Las Vegas tickets are available for seating at the Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel. It is a 60-minute show featuring legendary comedy impressionist Rich Little and his nearly-perfect impressions of various Hollywood stars and singers. He can impersonate everyone from Ronald Reagan and Frank Sinatra to Kermit the Frog. The Laugh Factory is the perfect venue to host the Rich Little show because it is a larger setting where you can hear plenty of laughter from the rest of the crowd. The minimum age requirement for admittance is 12 years or older.

Rich Little Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Rich Little show tickets is 6:30 PM on select dates. There is no consistency in which days of the week the Rich Little show will perform. For instance, the show will perform on Thursdays through Sundays during some weeks, but then you might see no performances on Saturdays or Sundays in other weeks.

The best thing to do is to plan in advance when buying your Rich Little tickets. Look at the showtime dates for when you plan to visit Las Vegas. For example, if you see performances on Thursdays through Sundays, you can choose to go on a weekday, weekend, or both. Either way, you should find the showtime schedule to accommodate your personal travel schedule for Las Vegas. Then you can be sure not to miss the show.

Rich Little Ticket Prices

The Rich Little show has four seating sections in the Laugh Factory: General Admission, VIP Table, VIP Booth, and Golden Circle Seating. The total seat capacity in the Laugh Factory is approximately 1,000 seats. The four seating sections are not too far from the center stage because the Laugh Factory is wider rather than longer in shape. So even if you sit at the tables in the back of the comedy club, you’ll still have a decent view of the comedians on the center stage.

Let’s explore the four main seating sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission section features seats and tables on the front left side and front right side of the comedy club. You’ll have a side-angle view of the stage if you sit on either side, but at least you’ll be relatively close to the center stage.

Alternatively, you can also find General Admission seating in the rear middle of the comedy club. This seating area will give you an aligned view of the center stage, but you’ll be farther away. Therefore, you must decide whether you want to sit close and to the side or far and to the middle. The minimum price of Rich Little Vegas tickets in the General Admission section is $55.

VIP Table

The VIP Table section features tables and seats in the middle of the Laugh Factory. The seats are closer to the stage than the General Admission seating in the rear of the comedy club. You’ll also have an aligned view of the center stage as well. The best part is that you’ll only have to pay about $11 more for a seat in this section. The minimum price of Rich Little Las Vegas show tickets in the VIP Table section is $66. It is an excellent deal for the average tourist who wants better seating in the Laugh Factory.

VIP Booth

The VIP Booth section offers seats inside private booths in the middle and rear of the comedy club. There are four booths in the front near the center stage and three booths in the back of the club. Some people love these VIP booths because they provide more comfortable seating and privacy. The minimum price of Rich Little Tropicana tickets in the VIP Booth section is $77.

Golden Circle Seating

The Golden Circle Seating section offers the best seating in the entire comedy club. Its seats and tables are directly in front of the center stage, offering the best views of Rich Little. If you’re lucky, he may make a few jokes about you since you’re closer to him in this section. The minimum price of Rich Little VIP tickets in the Golden Circle Seating section is $77. It is roughly the same cost as the VIP booth seating. The difference is you’re sitting at a table close to the stage rather than in a booth farther from it.

When you purchase tickets for shows like Rich Little, you must consider your seating preferences and budget before settling on a particular ticket. Fortunately, you may find a discount opportunity anytime if you’re searching for a good deal on a VIP or Golden Circle seat. All it takes is a canceled reservation or hotel-sponsored deal to emerge, and then you’ll see cheaper ticket prices advertised for the Rich Little show.

FAQs About Rich Little Las Vegas Show

The Rich Little show lasts about 60 minutes.

Rich Little is currently 83 years old. He was born on November 26th, 1938, and has been a performer for over 50 years.

Rich Little’s real name is Richard Caruthers Little.

Rich Little was born in Ottawa, Canada, on November 26th, 1938.

Rich Little is performing at the Laugh Factory comedy club at the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

Yes, Rich Little continues to perform his hilarious impersonation shows at the Laugh Factory of the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel.

There is no formal Rich Little dress code. You can wear any casual or comfortable clothing you would like.

The VIP booths and VIP tables are the best seats on the Rich Little seating chart. If you want privacy and luxurious amenities, you can purchase seats in the VIP booths. But if you’d rather have a closer view of the stage and see Rich better, then choose the VIP tables instead.

The minimum price of Rich Little Las Vegas tickets is $39 and up. Of course, you can pay more if you want to sit closer to the center stage in the Laugh Factory.

The price you pay for your Rich Little tickets depends on when and where you buy them. For the best deals on tickets, be sure to check out our page for Rich Little discount tickets.