Rio Showroom Seating Chart

Rio Showroom Seating Chart

The Rio showroom seating chart features five sections: Reserved, Preferred, Premium, Table, and Booth. The showroom has a circular design, where the sections surround the center stage on three sides. There is a total of 592 chairs and 62 banquette seats, making a total seat capacity of 654 seats in the Rio Showroom.

The Rio Las Vegas seating chart shows that the Reserved and Preferred sections are the farthest from the center stage. These two sections are positioned in the far rear on the left and right sides of the Rio showroom. The upside is that the ticket prices are significantly lower than in other sections.

The Premium section contains the most seat rows because they make up a significant portion of the middle left and right sides of the Rio Showroom. In fact, many of the Premium seats are pretty close to the center stage, with only the smaller Table section in between them. You’ll find the best price and seat quality balance when searching for tickets in the Premium section.

The Booth section features private booths in the middle center of the Rio Showroom. It is perfectly aligned with the front of the center stage, where you can see the performers clearly from afar. But if you want to sit as close to the center stage as possible, you should reserve seating in the Table section because it features tables and seats next to the stage.

The Rio theater seating chart outlines approximately 654 seats in the Rio showroom. All the seats offer comfortable and clear views of the center stage. However, the various sections offer guests many options regarding seat quality and positioning in the Rio Showroom.

The best seats on the Rio Las Vegas theater seating chart are in the Table section because they are the closest to the center stage. The tables surround the stage on three sides, where you can get close views of the performers from one of those three sides. However, some people may prefer to sit in the Booth section because they get a more private viewing of the shows. The booths are aligned and centered with the stage.

The Rio hotel has no formal dress code for guests in the Rio showroom. As a result, the average guest wears casual and comfortable clothing for a more pleasant viewing experience. No one will stop you from wearing t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, or casual attire.

The best Rio Las Vegas shows include WOW – The Vegas Spectacular. The production consists of impressive water stunts, death-defying acrobatics, 3D multimedia projections, exciting music, theatrical lighting, and more. It is the perfect venue to see this thrilling variety show with so many entertaining surprises for audiences.

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