Ron White At The Mirage Seating Chart

Ron White is known for his charismatic performances and his love for drinking Scotch and smoking cigars. When Ron steps out on stage at the Mirage Theatre in the Mirage Hotel, he comes holding a whiskey and cigar in his hands. Then he immediately delivers hilarious jokes that make audiences laugh out loud every single minute for approximately 90 minutes.

Ron is best known as the opening act for other great comedians like Sam Kinson and Jeff Foxworthy. He even made some appearances in feature films, such as “Horrible Bosses”.

Ron White Las Vegas Seating Chart

Ron White At The Mirage Seating Chart

The Ron White Las Vegas seating chart for the Mirage Theatre has one of the simplest seating arrangements imaginable. There are three primary seating categories: Category A, Category B, and Category C.

Category A is one big section which takes up the majority of the rows of seats in the theater. It starts with row AA in the front and extends back all the way to row LL. After that comes rows A through H, which are also part of Category A.

Category B consists of a much smaller selection of seats in the back of the theater. These rows range from J through N and put you much farther away from the center stage.

Category C consists of the last row of seats (row O) and two smaller rows. There is row P with 6 seats on the right side and row P with 4 seats on the left side. These are the farthest seats from the stage.

The cheapest seats on the Ron White Las Vegas seating chart are $85. These are the seats way in the back of the theater farthest from the stage. But if you pay about $11 more, you could set a little closer to the stage in Category B for $96. However, the cost of the best seats in the theater is $111. They will put you even closer to the center stage.

What are The Best Seats for Ron White?

The best seats on the Ron White seating chart are in row AA of Category A. These seats provide a frontal view of the center stage where Ron White performs his comedy. You’ll get to see Ron in all his comedic glory as he drinks, smokes, and tells funny jokes.

How Many Seats are In The Ron White Theater?

The Ron White show has approximately 1,265 seats in the Mirage Theatre of the Mirage Hotel.