Tape Face At MGM Grand Seating Chart

Tape Face might look like a scary psychopath with a piece of tape over his mouth. However, he is actually one of the funniest comedians in Las Vegas. What is truly impressive is that he doesn’t even need to talk to make people laugh. His brand of silent and eccentric comedy has won the hearts of millions of people. He even did well with his comedy routine on the famous reality TV show “America’s Got Talent.” Now you can see him at the Underground Theater at MGM Grand hotel.

Tape Face Las Vegas Seating Chart

Tape Face At MGM Grand Seating Chart

The Tape Face Las Vegas seating chart for the Underground Theater consists of Standard and VIP seating sections. Both sections give you a clear and easy view of the entire stage, including Mr. Tape Face. It is a relatively simple seating chart, so it is not too complicated to figure out.

The Standard section is for general admittance. It provides standard seating arrangements in the middle and back of the showroom. But if you want to sit closer to the stage, you can pay extra for seats in the VIP section. It is the more expensive option for people who wish to see Tape Face up close and personal.

The cheapest seats on the Tape Face seating chart are $39 and up. The $39 seats are positioned way in the back of the Standard section. They are suitable for most people who just want to see a funny show without the extra amenities. If you pay around $62, you can sit toward the middle of the section and get a closer view of the stage. Otherwise, you can pay $94 for a VIP seat next to the stage.

What are The Best Seats for Tape Face?

The best seats on the Tape Face seating chart are the ones in the VIP section. You’ll get to sit close enough to see the spooky and bizarre look on the face of the Tape Face performer. In addition, the VIP tickets come with a swag bag filled with Tape Face merchandise, including a lanyard, T-shirt, signed cartoon photo, and a souvenir poker chip. You can even get your picture taken on stage with a Tape Face item in your hand.

How Many Seats are In The Tape Face Theater?

Tape Face has 300 seats in the Underground Theater at MGM Grand hotel.