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The Beatles Love Tickets

The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil Show

The Beatles Love show tickets are available for seating in the Love Theater of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The Love Theater was designed specifically for The Beatles Love shows. Everything from the theater’s technology to aesthetics helps support the show’s production quality. As a result, you will have a magical experience throughout the whole show, no matter where you sit in the theater.

The Beatles Love Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtimes for Beatles Love Mirage tickets are 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Unfortunately, no performance dates are scheduled for Sundays and Mondays, so you’ll have to plan for one of the other days to see the show. But that is fine because you can still choose between four weekdays and one weekend day to attend the show.

Beatles Love tickets in Las Vegas have the highest demand at 7:00 PM. They sell out much faster than the Beatles Love tickets for 9:30 PM. If you have a preference for seeing the show earlier in the evening, you might want to book your reservations well in advance to ensure your 7:00 PM tickets are available to reserve.

Beatles Love Ticket Prices

Affordability and quality are the two factors most people consider before purchasing Beatles Love tickets in Las Vegas. Some people are willing to pay a little more for their tickets if they can sit closer to the center stage and see the performers up close. This makes the Beatles Love Show a much more memorable experience.

For those on tighter budgets, you can purchase the cheapest Beatles Love Las Vegas tickets if you don’t mind sitting in the rear of the theater. You can still experience the tribute show to the legendary Beatles band from afar and enjoy the wonderful remixed music and other great surprises.

There are approximately five seating categories in the Love Theater. Some Beatles Love seating charts show three sections: Lower Orchestra, Upper Orchestra, and Balcony. Categories H and D are in the Balcony section, which is the most undesirable seating section in the Love Theater. Categories C, B, and A are in the orchestra seating sections of the theater, which are much more desirable but also more expensive.

Let’s explore the five main categories in more detail below:

Category H

Category H Beatles Love Mirage tickets will put you farthest away from the center stage. But the upside is that you can enjoy the cheapest ticket price of $88 and up. That is over a 50% cheaper price than the Category A seating price. So anyone on a tight budget but still wants to enjoy a good Beatles tribute show should make their reservations for a Category H seat in the Love Theater.

Category D

Beatles Love at the Mirage tickets for Category D put you slightly closer to the center stage because you aren’t all the way in the back of the Love Theater anymore. The Category D seating rows are in front of the Category H seating rows. The starting price of Beatles Love tickets for Category D is $103 and up.

Category C

Beatles Love Cirque Du Soleil tickets for Category C put you in the middle of all the seating sections in the Love Theater. You will have a decent view of the center stage while not being too close or far away. Category C seating offers the perfect balance of quality and affordability for your seating position in the theater. The starting price of Category C seating tickets is $124 and up.

Category B

Beatles Love show tickets for Category B put you in seating close enough to see the performers on the center stage clearly. They are not as close as the Category A seating, but the distance difference is roughly three or four seating rows. The cost of the Category B seating tickets ranges from $136 to $145. That means you can save as much as $66 compared to the price of the Category A seating.

Category A

Category A requires you to purchase Beatles Love VIP tickets that will give you the best seats with the closest views of the center stage. People who want the best quality Mirage Beatles Love tickets without worrying about cost will want to choose Category A seating for the Beatles Love show. The minimum price for Category A tickets is $202 and up. If you love the Beatles and can afford the higher price, you will love this deal the most.

The prices of tickets frequently change because of canceled seat reservations or insufficient seats sold. The best time to purchase your Beatles Love Mirage tickets is a few months in advance or a week before the showtime. Then you’ll have the best chance of finding your most desired seat at an affordable price.

FAQs About The Beatles Love Show

The Beatles Love show runs for about 90 minutes with no intermission.

The Beatles LOVE premiered on June 30th, 2006, at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Beatles LOVE is worth attending if you are a fan of the 1960s British rock band, The Beatles. It is also worth seeing if you are a fan of the Cirque du Soleil production company because they have created an original storyline with adventurers, dancers, and acrobats in order to pay homage to the Beatles. So even if you are unfamiliar with The Beatles, you will probably still enjoy the show.

The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil has a minimum age requirement of 5 years or older to attend. The show’s theme has to do with the legendary Beatles rock band, so there is nothing inappropriate for children shown.

The Beatles LOVE story is a musical journey and celebration of the legendary “Beatles” rock band from the 1960s. The journey starts in World War II and continues to the end of the 1960s, when The Beatles were at the height of their fame. Cirque du Soleil uses acrobatics, lava lamps, and fancy visual effects to tell this story in style.

There were technological, musical, and structural changes made to The Beatles LOVE show after the 10th anniversary. Even though the show had been popular already, the creators felt it was time to update the show.

The Beatles LOVE plays at the LOVE Theater at Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The Beatles LOVE show has been performing at the Mirage Hotel for over 15 years.

There is no formal Beatles LOVE dress code to attend the show. You can wear t-shirts, jeans, or any casual clothing you want.

While this is a question that may create much debate among previous audience members, many agree that the upper orchestra is one of the best places to catch the show. They have been described as being close enough to experience the live-action while still far enough from the stage to see the whole production, be sure to check out Beatles Love seating chart to learn more.

The minimum price of The Beatles LOVE Las Vegas tickets is $118 and up. But if you want a better seat closer to the main stage in the LOVE Theater, you can pay around $230 per ticket.

The price you pay for your Beatles LOVE tickets depends on when and where you buy them. For the best deals on tickets, be sure to check out our page for Beatles LOVE discount tickets.