Tournament Of Kings Dress Code

Tournament of Kings Show
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Guests are treated like kings while watching the Tournament of Kings in King Arthur’s Arena at the Excalibur Hotel. You may think a royal or formal dress code would be required to accommodate the role you would be playing there. However, there is no set dress code for Tournament of Kings that you need to worry about at the arena. Guests can wear pretty much any attire they would like except for swimsuits.

The Tournament of Kings show is an action-packed medieval event featuring singing, dancing, sword fighting, and jousting. In fact, you’ll see many of the staff members and actors wearing attire from the Middle Ages. Therefore, no strict Tournament of Kings dress code exists in such an environment.

Are you planning to attend a formal event the same day you attend the show? If so, you could ignore the casual Tournament of Kings Las Vegas dress code and wear more formal attire to both events. Then you don’t have to rush back to your hotel and change your clothes between these two events. The choice is yours.