Tropicana Theater Seating Chart

Tropicana Theater Seating Chart

The Tropicana Theater seating chart indicates the Tropicana Showroom has four seating categories: Mezzanine Seating, General Admission Seating, Preferred Seating, and VIP Seating.

The Mezzanine Seating category is positioned in the far rear on the Tropicana Las Vegas seating chart. It is the most distant category from the center stage and is split between the left and right rear sides to create two large sections. Since the Mezzanine Seating category is slightly elevated, you can see a broad view of the stage without obstructions. The only downside is that it is far away, but at least you get the cheapest ticket prices for seats in this category.

The General Admission Seating category is between the Mezzanine Seating and Preferred Seating categories on the Tropicana Las Vegas theater seating chart. It features four separate sections within the category: two on the left and two on the right. Some people prefer the General Admission category because it is slightly closer to the center stage and still has affordable ticket prices.

The Preferred Seating category is between the General Admission Seating and the VIP categories on the Tropicana showroom seating chart. It is in the middle of the Tropicana Theater and offers a healthy balance between seat quality and affordability. The Preferred Seating category consists of four large sections with more seats and rows than any other category.

The VIP category is the closest to the center stage on the Tropicana theater Las Vegas seating chart. It consists of tables and booths to enhance the viewing experience for audience members. The two table sections are in the front next to the stage, and the two booth sections are behind them.

When you look at the Tropicana Las Vegas seating chart with rows and seats outlined for the Tropicana Showroom, the total capacity illustrated is 800 seats. It may not be an intimate setting, but it is not the largest seat capacity either. This creates a comfortable enough environment to enjoy the show and a better chance to reserve a seat on the time and date you prefer.

The best seats are in the VIP category. Remember that this is the category closest to the center stage, where you can see the performers up close and personal. You will have to pay more for VIP tickets, but you’ll have a better experience watching the show.

The Tropicana Hotel does not have a formal dress code imposed for the Tropicana Showroom. As a result, you can wear any standard casual attire you’d like, such as jeans, sweatpants, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Just make sure enough of your body is covered with clothing. That is the vital thing.