V Theater Seating Chart

V Theater Seating Chart

The V Theater Las Vegas seating chart features five primary sections: General Admission Rear Side, General Admission Front Side, VIP Rear Center, VIP Middle Center, and VIP Front Center.

It is easier to think of the V theater seating chart in terms of General Admission and VIP seating. The General Admission seating sections are further from the center stage and don’t include tables. But, of course, the upside is that General Admission seating has cheaper ticket prices compared to VIP seating.

The General Admission Rear Side puts you in the far back of the left or right side in the V Theater. The General Admission Front Side puts you in the front rows of the left or right side. Both give you side-angle views of the center stage.

The VIP Rear Center puts you far back in the center of the V Theater. The section is aligned with the center stage but farther away from it than other sections. You won’t get a side-angle view, which is a massive plus for sitting in this section. The VIP Middle Center puts you closer to the center stage but also with an aligned view.

The closest section to the center stage is VIP Front Center. Most people will want to reserve seating in this section if they wish to see an aligned closer view of the performers on stage.

The V Theater has approximately 500 seats available to reserve for each show. Several different events and productions take place in the V Theater because it is a multipurpose theater with a unique design. Sometimes the seat capacity changes per event, but 500 seats is the average capacity allotted for shows in the V Theater.

The best seats at the V Theater of the Planet Hollywood hotel are next to the center stage. These would be the seats in the three VIP sections because they are the closest sections to the center stage. The best of the three VIP sections is the VIP Front Center section because it aligns you directly up close with the performers.

The V Theater does not have a dress code for attendees to follow. As a result, you can wear casual or comfortable clothing to the shows at the theater, such as t-shirts, sweatpants, and jeans. Just make sure you don’t wear anything scantily clad because nudity is not allowed.

The Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre and V – The Ultimate Variety Show are the best Planet Hollywood Las Vegas shows in the V Theater. One show offers a unique brand of pet-based comedy, while the other features a variety of comedy elements rolled up into one production. You’ll be pleased with both shows if you see them at the V Theater in Las Vegas.

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