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Wayne Newton Show

Wayne Newton Las Vegas tickets are available for seating at the Bugsys Cabaret of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Everyone has heard the name Wayne Newton before because it is synonymous with Las Vegas. His entertainment career has spanned over five decades and continues to thrill audiences in Sin City. Wayne Newton is one of the highlights of the Las Vegas Strip, where he performs his solo act at the legendary Flamingo Hotel.

Wayne Newton Show Times & Dates

DateAvailable TimesPrice

The current showtime for Wayne Newton Vegas tickets is 7:00 PM on select days of the week. The scheduled performance dates as of now are Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at 7:00 PM. No performance dates are scheduled for Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. However, these showtimes and dates are subject to change at any time. So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, try to reserve your Wayne Newton show tickets for your preferred time and date before the times and dates change. 

The minimum age requirement to attend the Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal show is five years or older. The Wayne Newton tickets sell fast amongst individuals and families who love classic music entertainment from a legendary and energetic performer like Newton. You and your family will love every minute of this 80-minute show.

Wayne Newton Ticket Prices

The Wayne Newton show has three primary seating sections available at Bugsys Cabaret at the Flamingo Hotel: General Admission, Platinum, and VIP Reserved. Bugsys Cabaret is a tiny, intimate theater with a total seat capacity of approximately 150 seats. It features semi-circular seating to provide audiences with a clear view of the center stage no matter where they sit in the theater.

All the Wayne Newton Flamingo tickets are in extremely high demand. We recommend you purchase your tickets a few months in advance because they always sell out fast. Wayne Newton is one of the last remaining stars of old Las Vegas, so people are eager to see him when they visit the city.

Since Newton only performs about three times per week in a theater with only 150 seats, you need to act fast to ensure you get the seats you want at your preferred date and time.

Let’s explore the three primary seating sections in more detail below:

General Admission

The General Admission Section features seating in the far rear rows of Bugsys Cabaret. It is positioned on the rear right and left sides of the semi-circular theater. Even though these are the most distant seats from the center stage, you’ll still be close enough to the stage to enjoy the show immensely. The minimum price for Wayne Newton Las Vegas show tickets in the General Admission section is $86 and up.


The Platinum Section features seating toward the middle of Bugsys Cabaret. It has seats at tables on the right and left sides but more toward the center of the theater. So you should still get an aligned view of the center stage, even though you’re at a slight angle.

The Platinum Section offers a healthy balance of quality seating and decent ticket pricing for a budget-friendly guest looking to sit closer to Wayne Newton. The minimum price for Wayne Newton concert tickets in the Platinum section is $110, making it about $24 more than General Admission seating.  

VIP Reserved

The VIP Reserved Section features seats with tables directly in the center of the theater and perfectly aligned with the center stage. All fans of Wayne Newton will want to reserve tickets for seats in this section because they give you up close and personal views of the legend himself as he performs on stage.

If your budget can handle it, the VIP Reserved seating will provide you with the experience of a lifetime as a Wayne Newton fan. The minimum price for Wayne Newton VIP tickets in the VIP Reserved section is $127 and up.

Wayne Newton sells more tickets in Las Vegas than most other productions in the city. As soon as people hear the name Wayne Newton, they want to listen to his beautiful voice and witness his multi-talented musical skills on the various instruments he plays. The high demand for Wayne Newton tickets means you need to plan well in advance to ensure you get your preferred seating and date to attend the show.

The price range for Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal show tickets is between $86 and $127. They are relatively expensive tickets compared to other music entertainment shows, but for a good reason. Wayne Newton is one of the last living legends still performing in Las Vegas.

FAQs About Wayne Newton Las Vegas Show

The Wayne Newton show lasts about 80 minutes.

Wayne Newton claims to be a fan of the Vegas Golden Knights hockey team.

Wayne Newton is American.

Wayne Newton’s full name is Carson Wayne Newton.

Wayne Newton can play up to 13 different instruments. He apparently forced himself to learn more instruments after his vocal abilities had diminished in age.

You can contact the entertainment agency “Celebrity Direct Inc.” by calling 212-521-4115.

The Wayne Newton Up Close And Personal Show performs at Bugsy’s Cabaret in the Flamingo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Wayne Newton has performed in Las Vegas for more than 60 years. No other entertainer has performed this long in Las Vegas.

Wayne Newton was only 15 years old when he took to the stage for the first time in Las Vegas. He has continued to shine in Vegas ever since.

Yes, Wayne Newton still has a show called “Wayne Newton: Up Close and Personal” at Bugsy’s Cabaret of the Flamingo Hotel.

There is no formal Wayne Newton dress code. You can wear any casual or comfortable clothing you would like.

The best seats for Wayne Newton’s “Up Close and Personal” show are the VIP seats. These seats offer the top views and the added benefit of a photo opportunity with Wayne Newton himself.

Sitting in the front rows, especially the center section, ensures an intimate and engaging experience with a clear view of the stage. Since the theater is relatively small and intimate, most seats offer a good view, but the VIP package guarantees the best overall experience. For more details, you can refer to the Wayne Newton chart seating guide.

The minimum price of Wayne Newton Las Vegas tickets is $86 and up.

Of course, the amount that you will pay for the show depends on how and when you buy your tickets. Take a look at our Wayne Newton discount tickets page to find the cheapest ticket price!