Top 20 Shows In Las Vegas In 2024: Comedy, Magic and More

Jabbawockeez Show

Las Vegas has the world’s most extravagant and diverse range of shows. You can find all kinds of entertainment to pique your interest in the top 20 shows in Las Vegas, including comedies, dramas, musicals, circus acts, magic routines, illusions, and other unique surprises. Whatever kind of show you want to see, Las Vegas has plenty of them available to visit all year long.

Top 20 Las Vegas Shows In 2024

Do you need help deciding on the best shows to see in Las Vegas? First, consider who is going with you to Las Vegas Strip. Are you bringing adult friends and family or children? Even though most Las Vegas shows are appropriate for guests of all ages, you should still consider the kind of entertainment your traveling companions may like before booking your tickets. That way, you can ensure they will have a great time on the trip.

We have compiled a top 20 shows to see in Las Vegas. The list comes from extensive research and testimonials of Las Vegas shows to determine the top 20 for travelers to experience. Depending on your schedule and finances, you may decide to see some or all of the shows. Below are the top 20 shows in Las Vegas:

1) Mystere

Mystère by Cirque du Soleil Show

Cirque du Soleil’s “Mystere” is the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas because it features a stunning display of artistic skills and creative abilities. You will quickly become mesmerized by the impressive visual effects, originality, music, acrobatics, stunts, storyline, and more.

Mystere happens to be the longest-running Cirque du Soleil production in Las Vegas. Children and adults will stay captivated and engaged throughout the 90-minute production featuring nearly 70 international artists with varying skills and talents. But the one thing they all have in common is their incredible display of athleticism and energy.

Why we would put Mystere on the list of top 20 shows in Las Vegas should be obvious. It is a nonstop entertainment bonanza with signature Cirque du Soleil elements and characters. You will even see a gigantic baby and an inflatable snail at different points in the show.

2) Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller Show

Penn & Teller are the most fantastic magic team in the world. Not only did they make the list of top 20 Vegas shows, but they also made the list of top 3 shows in Vegas. That is how well-liked and respected they are as magicians and entertainers. How else could this magic comedy duo have lasted nearly five decades as performers?

Penn provides the narration and comedic commentary, while Teller is the “silent” partner who performs all the hilarious actions and stunts. The creative combination of comedic narration and funny magic tricks gives audiences constant entertainment throughout the 90-minute performance. The magic tricks are mystifying and mind-bending while simultaneously leaving you laughing out loud.

Penn & Teller is suitable for children and adults. They perform in the Penn & Teller Theater of the Rio Hotel. The magicians make the tricks look easy, but you should never attempt them yourself at home.

3) Mat Franco’s Magic Reinvented Nightly

Mat Franco Show

Mat Franco’s Magic Reinvented Nightly lives by its name. The lead magician, Mat Franco, transforms each nightly show in real-time with masterful improvisation and world-famous magic tricks unseen anywhere else. Since no performance is the same, you will see something different each time you attend Mat Franco’s magic show in the Mat Franco Theater of the LINQ Hotel. We are proud to put it on our list of the top 20 shows in Vegas for its uniqueness and art of surprise.

Mat Franco’s claim to fame was becoming the first magician to win on the NBC reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” Ever since his iconic win, he has become a legendary magician in Las Vegas. Mat Franco relentlessly explores new material and stretches the boundaries of his routines beyond what anyone can imagine.

4) The Beatles LOVE

The Beatles Love by Cirque du Soleil Show

Many Cirque du Soleil productions have made it to the top 20 shows to see in Las Vegas because they demonstrate superb athleticism, acrobatics, dangerous stunts, creative visual effects, original storylines, and more. The Beatles LOVE is a perfect example of how Cirque du Soleil can combine a good story with impressive demonstrations of stunts and athleticism.

Cirque du Soleil’s “The Beatles LOVE” is a creative musical tribute show to the legendary British rock band The Beatles. Las Vegas shows for couples particularly love going to the show because it invokes several different emotions in people. It is heartfelt, exciting, satirical, and a reminder of the good and bad events of the 1960s decade.

You don’t need to be a Beatles fan to enjoy The Beatles LOVE. If you want to take a psychedelic trip back in time and see aerial stunts, explosive choreography, and acrobatic feats, then this show is ideal for you.

5) Shin Lim

Shin Lim Show

Shin Lim is a world-class magician with a unique backstory. He received his education in magic from watching YouTube videos on the internet. Then, he expanded upon his newfound knowledge of magic to create original, self-choreographed routines that made him an international celebrity.

Shin Lim demonstrated his talents to the world on the 13th season of the popular reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” After winning the 13th season of the show and the special “America’s Got Talent: The Champions,” Shin Lim has made a fabulous career as a master magician in the Mirage Theatre of the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

We would not only put Shin Lim on the top 20 list but also put him on the list of the top 5 shows in Vegas. His card-manipulating talents and sleight of hand have inspired new generations of magicians.

6) Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group Show

How would you like to see three bald blue men entertain you for 90 minutes without saying anything? Blue Man Group is on the list of top 20 shows to see in Vegas because it keeps you wondering what the blue men will do next. Their silent and humorous gestures, quick-changing illusions, and makeshift instrument playing make them the most far-out performers working in Las Vegas today.

Did you know Blue Man Group has been around for over 20 years? Long-running Las Vegas production shows usually have something special about them that few other shows possess. Blue Man Group is undoubtedly original in terms of the performers’ appearance and their unique entertainment style. You won’t want to miss it.

7) Cirque du Soleil’s “O”

O by Cirque du Soleil Show

Cirque du Soleil has put its mark on the list of 20 best shows in Las Vegas. Many people particularly like their “O” production because it is an aquatic-themed show with acrobats, synchronized swimmers, gymnasts, divers, and an array of fascinating marine characters. The entire cast performs above, in, and on a massive 1.5-million-gallon pool in the center of the O Theatre at the Bellagio Hotel.

If you want to see water shows in Las Vegas, you will not want to miss Cirque du Soleil’s “O.” It showcases elaborate watery illusions and gravity-defying stunts you cannot see anywhere else. Audiences are usually mesmerized by what they see; we know you will be, too.

8) David Copperfield

David Copperfield Show

David Copperfield is a name synonymous with magic. He is a master magician and illusionist who has mesmerized audiences with his illusions and trickery for over four decades. The top 20 shows in Vegas include David Copperfield’s 70-minute show because it perfectly combines showmanship, magic, and nostalgia to deliver an artful and supernatural performance you won’t want to miss.

Remember that David Copperfield is the same magician who went on live television and made the Statue of Liberty vanish before the nation’s eyes. He also passed his physical body through the solid Great Wall of China on live television. If he could do these larger-than-life magic tricks, imagine what he could do in his theater at the MGM Grand Hotel. You’ll have to go there to find out. David Copperfield has been among the top magic shows in Vegas for many years now.

9) Cirque du Soleil’s “KA”

KÀ by Cirque du Soleil Show

How many top 20 Vegas shows retell traditional “good versus evil” stories? Cirque du Soleil’s “KA” has an action-packed and adventurous good versus evil storyline featuring suspended fight scenes, death-defying stunts, two massive floating platforms, and a deadly Wheel of Death. How does that sound for entertainment?

Despite the show’s dangerous stunts and evil characters, it is a family-friendly production suitable for children and adults. Many Vegas family friendly shows have dangerous stunts, acrobatics, or action performed in a kind and non-obscene way. That is why children always have a good time watching Cirque du Soleil’s “KA.” If you have children, they will enjoy the show too.

The Wheel of Death is one of the highlights of the show. A daredevil performer will cast himself high up in the air over the Wheel of Death. One mistake could land him in the Wheel of Death, so grab onto the edge of your seat and watch him do the unthinkable.

10) Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings Show

Tournament of Kings made it to the list of the top 20 Las Vegas shows because it serves a delicious complimentary dinner as you watch the entertainment live. The dinner menu offers many mouth-watering food options, including vegan meals, roasted Cornish Game Hen, roasted sweet potatoes, fresh corn on the cob, holiday sugar cookies, and more.

Who wouldn’t want to eat these tasty foods while watching gladiators and knights battle each other in the middle of a medieval arena? Each seating section has a designated king representing some of the arena’s knights and jousters. Audience members are encouraged to cheer on their section’s king and knights. All the sword fighting, horse racing, and gladiator battles will keep you thrilled and energized throughout the 90-minute show.

Did you know that Tournament of Kings is one of the longest running Vegas shows? It first opened in June 1990 and has continued to impress audiences for over 30 years. You can see it in the King Arthur’s Arena at the Excalibur Hotel.

11) Jabbawockeez

Jabbawockeez Show

Jabbawockeez is known as the country’s favorite faceless dance crew. All the group’s dancers wear white masks over their faces and perform well-choreographed dance moves on stage at the Jabbawockeez Theater of the MGM Grand Hotel. The white masks are supposed to unify the dancers by taking away their individual identities and producing visual representations of the music. That way, audiences only focus on the dancing and the music without thinking about anything else.

Jabbawockeez has received numerous awards and accolades, such as “Best All Ages Production” for four consecutive years, for this reason we put it on our list of the top 20 shows in Vegas. Perhaps they won these awards because of their incredible dance moves, athleticism, and creative choreography. They are also the first dance crew to headline at any hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Do you want to see early or late shows? Currently, Jabbawockeez only performs in the evening hours of 7 PM and 9:30 PM. So, if you wish to attend one of their Las Vegas early shows at 7 PM, reserve your tickets in advance.

12) Michael Jackson ONE

Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil Show

Michael Jackson ONE may be the best Cirque du Soleil show in Vegas for adults who are fans of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The show is a creative musical tribute to the legendary singer and uses an original storyline and stunning visual stunts to enhance the show’s entertainment value.

Of course, you are probably familiar with the circus acts and acrobatic stunts of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil production company because all their shows contain high-intensity stunts and impressive demonstrations of athleticism. Michael Jackson ONE certainly has no shortage of high-flying acrobats, trampolines, aerialists, slacklining, dancing, and Michael Jackson’s hit songs.

Michael Jackson ONE features an original creative storyline involving four young adventurers who discover Michael Jackson’s music while on a journey through his greatest hits. Now, you can go on this journey at the Mandalay Bay Theatre of the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.

13) America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live!

America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE Show

America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live! is a live spinoff of the popular NBC reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” The big difference with the live version is that you won’t have to sit through the performances of several untalented contestants before finding the talented ones. Instead, America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live! features the most talented performers from the television series at these Vegas variety shows. Each 80-minute show is in the Luxor Theater at the Luxor Hotel.

You can expect to see past winners and finalists showcasing their incredible talents in front of a live audience. These talents include music, magic, stunts, and other surprises you can only see in person. Due to the popularity of America’s Got Talent, it is only fitting to put this live version on our list of Las Vegas top 20 shows. You don’t need to be an avid watcher of the television show to enjoy the live show because it has something for everybody.

14) Awakening

Awakening Show

Do you want to see new shows in Las Vegas? Awakening is the latest technologically sophisticated show with impressive visual effects, magic, myth, and an iconic narration from the legendary actor Anthony Hopkins. It has an original storyline featuring a brave heroine and her companions journeying through a magical and mythical world on a mission to restore its beauty and love.

The characters and performers in Awakening perform on a customized 360-degree stage in the Awakening Theater of the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. You can expect graceful acrobatics, beautiful music, and other fun surprises.

15) Criss Angel’s Mindfreak

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Show

Criss Angel’s Mindfreak is a sensational 90-minute magic show in the Criss Angel Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort. Criss Angel demonstrates several of his iconic illusions and magic tricks while utilizing the power of lighting, pyro, sound, and video technologies. It is an immersive, magical experience you won’t want to miss.

Vanish Magazine gave Criss Angel the “Greatest Illusion of All Time” award in 2019. When you see his technologically sophisticated magic tricks, you will see why his Mindfreak show has made our lists of top 20 and top 10 shows in Las Vegas.

16) Mac King Comedy Magic

Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Mac King Comedy Magic Show is one of the best comedy magic shows because of its entertainment variety. Mac King uses family-friendly humor, sleight-of-hand, rope tricks, live animals, celebrity, impressions, hand shadow puppets, and many unusual and creative things to entertain his crowds.

Watch as Mac King performs mesmerizing magic tricks and does impressions of legendary Las Vegas performers like Liberace and Elvis Presley. He may even ask volunteers from the audience to come on stage and become part of his magic routine. If you want to increase your chances of getting picked, try to reserve VIP tickets to sit near the center stage in the Thunderland of the Excalibur Hotel. 

17) Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show

Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic is an afternoon show filled with mind-boggling illusions, gorgeous showgirls, hilarious comedy, complex magic tricks, and more. It is one of the best small shows in Vegas because it doesn’t take much for Nathan Burton to make people laugh and impress them with his illusions.

Nathan Burton has already made a name for himself with his guest appearances on television shows like “America’s Got Talent,” “Penn & Teller’s Fool Us,” “Cupcake Wars,” and “Coming Home.” His comical and casual performance style makes him a fun and unique magician suitable for audiences of all ages, that’s why it made the list of the top 20 shows in Las Vegas.

18) Terry Fator: Who’s the Dummy Now

Terry Fator Show

Terry Fator’s Who’s the Dummy Now is a Vegas impersonator show starring master puppeteer and impressionist Terry Fator. He can do impressions of almost any famous person, including Cher and Elvis Presley. But what is unique about his impressions is that he does them through his puppets of the celebrities without moving his lips. The puppets are the true stars of the show.

Terry Fator is a multitalented performer and past winner of the NBC reality television show “America’s Got Talent.” His other television appearances include “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “The Today Show,” “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and more. Now, you can see Terry Fator in the Liberty Loft Theater at the New York-New York Hotel.

19) Piff The Magic Dragon

Piff The Magic Dragon Show

Piff the Magic Dragon is a show starring Piff and his adorable sidekick puppy, Mr. Piffles. The two bring incredible comedy magic on stage in the Flamingo Showroom at the Flamingo Hotel. Mr. Piffles is a loveable Chihuahua who always brings cuteness and laughs to each performance.

Piff is also joined on stage by the beautiful showgirl Jade Simone. She assists Piff in performing his collection of eye-catching and mesmerizing magic routines filled with laughter and mystery. You’ve probably never seen comedy magic performed like they do it. That is why you should see it at least once and prepare to be amazed.

20) Paranormal Mind Reading Magic

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic Show

Paranormal Mind Reading Magic is a renowned Las Vegas hypnotist show starring master mind-reader, magician, and hypnotist Frederic Da Silva. His afternoon show in the Imagine Showroom at the Horseshoe Las Vegas Hotel will keep you guessing what is real and what is not throughout his 75-minute performance.

Frederic Da Silva first became known from his appearances on “France’s Got Talent.” He also won the Nostradamus d’ Or “Best Mentalist in Europe” Award and became the winner of the 2011 FISM European Championship of Magic. When you see his powerful magic abilities performed before your eyes, you will understand why he won all these impressive accolades.

Now you should know which shows to see. We compiled our top 20 list based on several user experiences and the overall popularity of the shows. We believe you will enjoy yourself at virtually any one of the shows listed above.

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